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Poor, middle-aged White Americans are dropping like flies. Their death rate “increased by 134 deaths per 100,000 people from 1999 to 2014.” The primary causes of the mortality increase for this group of maligned Americans are suicide, alcohol poisoning, and drug overdoses from painkillers. Environmental shocks.

Think about the ingredients of a happy life:

Family — destroyed by welfare, feminism, gogrrl careerism, obesity, and sinking earnings for working class men.
Community — destroyed by population density and Diversity™.
Work — destroyed by open borders, automation, and oligarchic greed.
Faith — destroyed by SCALE-induced materialism and noblesse malice.

The working poor and less-educated need these four pillars, perhaps more than effete SWPLs do, to feel like their lives have purpose. Instead, malignant elements in our ruling class have done everything in their power to knock those pillars over and smash them to dust.

I’d like to suggest other reasons for the suicidal ideation of underprivileged White Americans:

– Middle-aged Whites were born during a time when America was still predominantly White and native. Over their lifetimes they have witnessed the country turned over to brown world hordes. They are the only generation to have spent their formative years enjoying Peak White America and their productive adult years suffering the insults and antagonisms of Post-White America. They therefore have a dispiriting perspective other generations lack (or, in the case of the elderly, lack the ready memories from which to draw comparisons).

– White Americans have lost the protection and loyalty of their government. When your government stops “having your back” and treats you simultaneously like a sponge to be soaked for gibsmedats and an evil blight hindering social justice, you tend to feel like a stranger in your homeland.

– Obesity is driving men to suicide and drugs. Not directly; through their fat wives. Men’s romantic desires are visually centered. It is cruel to mock men for this biological reality and to expect them to “man up” when their wives get fat and unattractive. Obesity is rampant among the lower classes and White men stuck in these larded-up marriages have to feel desperately alone with their repudiated desires.

I would only warn the Lords of Lies that if White men drop out, figuratively or literally, there won’t be anyone left to squeeze for the Danegeld.


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