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Reader Mel Gibson watched a few minutes of last night’s Democrat debate, and came away with an astute observation regarding this photo of the candidates standing together on stage.

All with passive and weak body posture – cover genitals, smile like a submissive chimp. Who’s that guy on the left? He’s the only one who looks like he isn’t a pansy.

That’s Jim Webb on the far left (heh). And yes, he’s the only one who has a non-shitlib face and non-shitlib body language. And not coincidentally he’s probably the least insane of the Dem leftoids running for president.

Reminder: Clasping your hands in front of your crotch to hide your impudent manhood from the world (and this includes Hillary) is a tell of submission and weak betatude. I don’t remember Donald Fucking Trumpening ever standing in this manner at a major public speaking event, and I doubt he ever will. (But I bet ¡Jabe! was born with his hands cradling his frank and refried beans.)


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