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COTW winner Anonymous succinctly explains why there is a perception that women are treating beta males with more contempt than ever before.

Girls are cruelest to other girls. So as betas get more feminized…

Women are as revolted by effeminate, weak men as men are by morbidly obese women.


COTW second place ribbon goes to Phall, resurrecting a favorite CH comment meme.

black men are attracted to women who resemble the great resource-aggregating herbivores of the sub-saharan desert: the elephant, rhinoceros, cape buffalo, and hippopotamus. black men want their women to resemble these creatures in size, shape, color, and texture (it is important to not forget ‘texture’).

these apex herbivores survive droughts in the african wild, affording them high survival rates. fat black women are also unlikely to starve, and while this may seem a moot point if they live in america, it does not change the genetic preferences of their black male suitors. white women can mimic the size and the shape, but never the color or texture.

creatures smaller than these massive behemoths find survival to be fleeting in the harsh climates of africa. to perpetuate their species, they breed rapidly in large numbers (gazelles, wildebeasts, jackrabbits, hyenas, etc). breeding across a large expanse of territory is a useful strategy for preservation and propagation, genetically-speaking.

black men also inherited this disposition to breed with many women. monogamy is just not a smart choice to ensure that your genes are passed on. in statistics, this is called r-selection (rather than K-selection).

heck, blacks like over-breeding so much that some even try to pass along their genes by mating with simians! (this introduced AIDS to the world)

Don’t forget the texture.


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