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Reader PA says Whites in their homelands are fighting WWIII, even if they don’t know it (yet). The evidence that there is an open borders war by the ruling class aggressors to demographically and culturally swamp Whites with non-Whites and essentially render them powerless in their homelands can no longer be contained or massaged by the Leftoid Equalist Hivemind.

But, we need a name for  this war. Branding matters. People are gripped by slogans with emotional resonance much more than they’re moved by arid data. Everyone needs to know that we are at war, and this isn’t the griping of some doomsday cult.

The “Cold War” maintained a hold on the American consciousness for decades, because it was starkly descriptive of the (mostly) bloodless nature of the ideological conflict between the world’s only two superpowers. (In hindsight, it seems so quaint now. Official American ideology has become something worse than mid-century Soviet ideology.)

So, I asked readers to come up with a name for WWIII: The War to Displace Whites from their Homelands by encouraging the invasion, legal and illegal, of tens of millions of non-White foreigners. The Forces of Light need their COPROP if they want to win the semantic battle for hearts and minds.

I came up with a few ideas:

The Thousand Cuts War
The Tikkun Olam War
The American War
The Racial Cleansing War
The War of White Dispossession
Civil War II
The Fratricidal War
Albion’s War
The War of White Replacement

I’m not particularly enamored of any of these. Readers came up with more:

World War White
War of Ethnic Displacement
The Cuck War
White Genocide
The Anti-Euro War
The Global Blockbusting War

All right, warriors, put your heads together and come up with something riveting. Your nation depends on you.

The winner will be rewarded with the pride of knowing he contributed to the rebellion’s morale to retake America from alien invaders and overthrow the traitors who perpetrated this great crime against the nation.


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