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The Diversity™ Danegeld

A commenter, jjbees, leaves a profoundly pointed anecdote in reply to genial Audacious E’s righteous rage against the dying of the White Light,

It’s simply impossible for whites to thrive when there are too many minorities around.

If we want to reach the heights of civilization, to visit the moon again, to colonize mars, to automate cars and have robots servicing all of our needs, to genetically engineer disease out of existence, we simply can’t be around minorities, specifically black people.

When my family lived in an urban ghetto (us white, 99.999% of our neighbors black) one of our main worries was survival. Are the guns loaded, did you lock the doors. Oh look, your bicycle was stolen out of the garage by your next door neighbor who we invited to have dinner with us last week (no shit, it happened). Having to drive to school every morning 3 towns over to avoid a 90% minority school (and therefore not get beaten).

Then we moved to a rural town, 100% white, where I could explore in the woods, ride my bicycle around town, never get robbed or threatened or beaten, where I could read books in peace, and we left the doors unlocked at night, and my intellect could flourish and I could dream of a beautiful future and live, not merely exist in a hardscrabble fight against a mean world. I thank god my parents were smart enough to do that for me and for us.

We can spend all our national treasure letting our natural enemies make their home right next door, we can feed them, and clothe them, and let them make more and more of themselves as we dwindle and become less and less, ad infinitum, working ever harder, ever longer, just for them, until we are nothing and there is nothing more to give, and our dreams are dead forever.

Or we can just. say. no.

No means no, except when the question is how best to secure a future for White Americans.

It’s a favorite shitlib shitlibboleth to claim that poverty causes crime, but the opposite of that formulation has more truth in it: crime causes poverty. Poverty of the wallet as well as of the mind. jjbees is right; when you fear for your safety every day of your life, and approach every social interaction with an enervating, distrustful cynicism borne of hard experience dealing with aliens who’d sooner screw you over if the screwing was good, you’ll sacrifice inordinate mental and physical energy navigating the shoals of Diversity™ that could be better spent tapping the unquenchable human spirit that your great (and unique!) European ancestors bequeathed you to advance civilization.

This is the price of Diversity™: slow attrition of living space for the individual, his family, and his intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual aspirations. To think that the mental template of White Europeans evolved only in the last 5,000 years, and probably later than that, is to realize the precious gift of your genetic and cultural inheritance, and how easy it is to throw it all away for a return to the abyss.

But, hey, White’s be raciss an sheeeit, and who’s gonna mow your lawn?

PS As per usual when these topics about self-determination come up, a “white” troll with a fever for the flavor of a Yellow Eskimo drops his stinky “I love diverse neighborhoods as long as they’re full of high IQ slants and shekels” schtick. But as the Audacious One rightly reprimands, IQ isn’t everything. Not even close. The dimensions of personality and… wait for it… moral character, all of it passed on by chromosome and community, play a big role in how trusting we are with our neighbors and consequently how much faith and investment we put into our little islands of civilization.

Thriving in a mixed neighborhood of functional, middle-class or affluent two-parent households with children is of course attainable, but that sort of neighborhood tends to have less community cohesion/neighborliness than a homogeneous neighborhood with of intact families of means (a la Robert Putnam’s now famous study). I live near Cerner, Sprint, and Garmin headquarters and consequently a lot of my neighbors are Asian (South and East). They take care of their houses as well as anyone else and we always get a reciprocated wave, but they don’t tend to come outside to chat it up when my son and some of the other kids in the neighborhood are running around.

And of course NAMs are disproportionately less likely to meet the functional, two-parent household criteria.

A nation crumbles inexorably to its slow expiration when its native sons drop below 80% of the total population for more than a few generations. The US is about to head down that r-selected rabbit hole. This ride won’t end well unless someone hits the brakes hard and slaps it into reverse. It may already be too late, but standing against the tide beats a glum suicide walk into the briny deep.


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