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Face-Saving Recovery Game

A good test of your game is how well you handle your image when you’re thrown a curve ball by an impish cosmic overseer.

Reader dirkdiggly relays an excellent demonstration of face-saving recovery game.

O/t but amusing all the same: had a great reframe/lemonade from lemons experience at the library today.

Cutie in a glass windowed study room catches my eye as I walk past. I smirk big at her, only to walk right into a concrete pillar (slowly, but it hurt nonetheless). Reeling from sudden shame and pain on display, I pulled a fist dramatically down from the sky with a mouthed “yusssss” and then made the “call me?” gesture. She laughed hard, recovered, and…blew me a kiss!

Charlie Chaplin silent movie game?

What do women love?

Well, a lot of things, but they really swoon for

a. unpredictable men,

b. playful men, and

c. men with masterful state control.

dirkdiggly pulled off the trifecta. He did something 99.9% of men wouldn’t do, he did it playfully, and he showed how quickly he was able to recover from an embarrassing social miscue that would have left lesser men (betas) scuttling off in red-faced horror.

All these alpha male traits… together, what do they telegraph to women?



The banner of the charismatic jerkboy.


Commenter natphilosopher asks (trolls?),

I had almost the same experience 30 odd years ago, only I was driving when I spotted her, and barely recovered with a Bond-like maneuver in my red RX-7.
Led to I still remember fondly that-very-evening. Erin if you’re out there… you’d be too old for me now.

But CH: you don’t remark on the obvious thing this transmits, which is kind of opposite your point. It obviously begins with her literally turning your head, to the point where you missed something you obviously wouldn’t ordinarily, thus demonstrating to her that you really, no fooling, find her special. Which kind of implies you do give a fuck about her, no?

Ok, how many CH readers are on the spectrum? Raise your hands, I need to get a head count so I know how many times I need to repeat basic concepts and bang my hand against my forehead until I black out.

I keed, I keed. But seriously, you guys are overthinking irrelevancies. Aspiring to EPIC LEVEL ZERO FUCKS GIVEN alpha maleness doesn’t mean becoming a blind monk immune to the charms of women.

ZFG alphas love women, love their sexiness and their pretty faces and feminine demeanors, and sometimes like to let their raging desire run wild. This fact of life is in no way contradictory to one of the prime game directives to show “active disinterest” toward women you want to bed, at least early on when women are judging your sexual market worth.

Think of it this way: You aren’t a eunuch who never lets women know your sexual intentions. But you are a man with illimitable options (or a man who has crafted an image of one having illimitable dating options) who impresses women with the attitude that you can TAKE HER OR LEAVE HER. That’s the pure energy of the alpha male attitude. You show interest in women, AND you show a willingness to walk, through a number of behavioral cues, when you aren’t getting what you want out of the interaction.


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