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If the Purple-Lipp’d One should be known for anything, it’s that he presided over, with keen tutelage, the Africanization of America: The fastest-growing migrant group to the US since 2000 are Africans.

Apparently, President Downlow, in agreement with his predecessor George “Cuckya” Bush, believes America isn’t hurtling toward third world shitstain status fast enough. Fifty million amerindians are great and all, but think about the glorious mocha future we can hasten by throwing in a few tens of millions of Sudanese, Somalis, Ethiopians, and Congolese!

The Econocuck goes out of its race cucking way to contrast African migrants with African-Americans, in which the former do favorably compare. However, the first waves of African migrants are undoubtedly the cream of the dark continent crop. But, as with most self-selecting immigration from “civilizationallly challenged” backwaters, past immigrant performance is no guarantee of future results.

Regression to the mean doesn’t stop operating once it crosses the Atlantic. Expect the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of today’s immigrant Africans to perform gradually worse on all the social indicators that matter (abilities to twerk and balance a forty on one’s protruding buttocks should stay strong, though).

Worse, even if regression to the mean were dampened by heretofore unidentified contingencies, a larger threat to American unity, or what’s left of it, looms. Once high-performing, “white sheep” African immigrants have a foothold in the US, they will generate a chain migration reaction that hauls in millions more of their less accomplished District Nine-ians. This is the reality of mass migration from shitholes: You can cheat the social destruction of the destination country for a while by selecting for, or being fortunate to have preselected for you, the best of a bad lot, but eventually, given no brakes on the process and the fact that there are only so many high achievers from shitholes to cherry-pick, the depressing heft of the migrants’ third world cesspits heaves and lurches into coterminous first world territory, irretrievably and inexorably fashioning its new host nation into a sad, slummy simulacrum of the corrugated-roofed market bazaar they left behind.

This is happening now, because two forces have converged to practically assure the third worldification of the first world: Western ruling class enthusiasm for cheap labor and tribalistic, anti-white middle class votes, and the population bulge of Africa which is projected to double, triple, and then quadruple by the end of this century.

OH WELL, at least you have your iPhag to entertain you. Just don’t look up from your screen, or you might catch the world around you on fire. Whatta buzzkill that would be.


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