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Dick Pic Game

Reader W.E.K. takes a page from a gilded CH tome to harness the muff misting magic of the dick emoji.


An interesting anecdotal aside to the 8======D—- guy.

I have worked as a doorman/bouncer in some highly popular bars/nightclubs in my area.

One time I was working the door sitting on a stool when out comes a quite attractive brunette from inside the bar. She sits on an adjacent stool for a few moments but I really wasn’t paying much attention as I was trying to text my then gf at the time and manage her fragile/needy emotional state because she had fallen quite hard for me and at this point was freaking out whenever I went to work and thus was surrounded by lots of young attractive women. Regardless of the fact that I met her at another bar I worked at.

Anyway back to the brunette on the stool. She sees that I’m texting and paying her no mind so she says to me
“Hey want to text me?”
I paused for a moment considering the idiocy of the question.
I was in a playful mood that needed respite from my insecure gf”s annoyingness so I hand her my phone to put her number in.

When I got my phone back I texted her this.

I think she texted back ” what’s that ?” To which I lol’d.

True to female form her next response was
“Wanna make out?”

I paused for a few moments considering the utter hilarity of the question. Then I stood up and glided over gently holding the back of her head and pulled her in for a quick make out.

Ever the professional I kept it short and made myself get back to focusing on the job.
A few hours later and she texts me with
“Come to my hotel”

I told her I wouldn’t be off for another few hours and I forgot about it due to logistics and the fact that my gf was at my place and would stay up waiting for me.
As i’m driving home she texts me again wanting me to come over but I just ignored because I was already nearly home.
Unfortunately for me my gf went through my phone and found an unknown number added while at work (fucking sneaky bitches). The texts were of course deleted. So then I have to make up a lot of shit and manipulate some emotions to keep things copacetic.
The gf ended up calling her though and a lot of shit talking ensued. I had to really hide how entertained I was.

Moral of the story:

It works.


And why does it work on lovely ladies? It keeps ’em guessing. It smacks of male sexual entitlement. It betrays a sexy indifference to female approval. It’s fun and flirty. It’s (literally) cocky. It’s unpredictable and immature.

In other words, it’s everything beta males aren’t.


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