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shartiste wins this week’s COTW. This might be his second trophy. Hey man, save some for the betas.

high maintenance has become a beta rationalization term. most often it means “I’m not high enough SMV to maintain her”.

What’s high maintenance to you is decidedly low maintenance to Leonardo DeCaprio.

There are objectively high maintenance girls who would give any man fits, but it’s true that most of them labeled as such are only high maintenance to betaboys who don’t have what it takes to tame the whirlwind of their women. Have you ever seen a girl with a reputation for high maintenance turn into a purring, easy-going kitten under the tutelage of the right kind of man? Yes, you have.


COTW runner-up is NuancedBrooklynArtist, in fine wowjustwowness satirical form.

Wow, just wow. I just finished reading your post and I am shaking with rage. This is not okay, and someone could have been triggered by your hostility. This post is literally, vile dudebro neckbeard microaggression. It is threatening and harassment that violates my safe space. Let me tell you a thing: You are an awful, shitty person. Let me explain why your post is problematic, it’s 2015 not the 1950s. You are on the wrong side of history. Your post lacks nuance and complexity. You don’t know this, because white privilege. You ignore the enriching diverse enrichment around you that will enrich your experience. I’m not here to educate you more. There is consensus on this issue already. This is not a place for learns. Like seriously. I literally can’t even now. Read a book on Nelson Mandela (yay Mandela!), and educate yourself. Shut up, listen, and believe. Just sayin’.

😆 This is getting to be a crowded field. If you want to parody the SJW, you had better bring your A(sshole) game.


COTW consolation prize goes to whorefinder, for finding the reason leftoids eschew logic in favor of self-serving rationaliztion and emotionalism.

Left wing “thought” is merely a series of rationalizations to gain power, with no consistency necessary.

So this blip won’t make a dent in them, whichever way they come out. And civilization will slide further into chaos.

It’s like watching a little girl make up the rules to their games of pretend—altogether, the rules make zero sense and contradict one another, but individually, the rules exist to maximize that particular little girl’s power in her pretend world. Her tea parties are dungeons with pretty doily chains around each of her guests legs and arms.

But hey, at least we elected Obama.

whorefinder concludes with,


Leftoids live and breathe on your prostration and apologia. Why not try something different for a change?


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