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In a Steve Sailer comment thread to a post about Tim Hunt, (the Nobel Prize winning scientist who made the reasonable observation that women scientists are emotionally fragile and can’t take criticism), commenter Ozymandias, responding to some female commenter demonstrating women’s ability to take things personally, wrote,

Unfortunately, what many women consider to be friendship is little more than them cultivating sexual attraction in men they have no interest in, so that they can harvest ego strokes. That’s why any man worth his salt knows the number one rule: never take advice about women from women.

Common sensible and often true, even if women and their beta white knight lackeys don’t like to hear it. The seminal post on when and how men and women can be friends is here. It’s the only thing you need to read on the topic that bears any resemblance to reality as it is for most normal human beings.

Steve, in all his down-home, around-the-way, congenially nerdy Steve-ness, responded to Ozymandias,

Guys, listen to your mother, grandmother, aunts, and sisters about women.

*Godzilla face palm*

Your grandmother… maybe, if she’s at least 90 years old, born well before the post-America funny farm opened its doors. Your mother, aunts, and sisters? No. Women not only give wrong advice to men about how to seduce them, they usually give advice 180 DEGREES removed from what actually works! This is a bug in woman code that men must accept and work around.

The person a man should listen to for advice about women is another man who has both a track record bedding and loving beautiful women and has the self-awareness and mental acuity to know what it is about men like himself that women love and to effectively communicate his knowledge.


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