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The seduction process can be viewed through the lens of validation: how much you give to the girl, how often you give it to her, and how adeptly you retract it when warranted.

Validation is an important part of the social hierarchy and how each individual within a tribe receives feedback relative to their position within that tribe. One might argue that an alpha male is simply the member of the tribe that receives the most social validation.

Validation is an umbrella term for a whole bunch of game concepts, like push-pull, hot-cold, takeaways and freeze-outs. The basic premise is simple: External validation is important to women (arguably more sought after by women than by men), and a man can manipulate a woman’s desire through adjustments to the amount or intensity of ego validation he gives to or withholds from her.

VERY generally:
Alpha males get more social validation than give it.
Beta males give more social validation than get it.
Alpha females receive almost total social validation and give very little, at least intentionally (they give it unintentionally when they accompany men into social settings).
Beta females give and receive an equal amount of sex-specific validation (give to alpha females, receive from beta males).

Beta females (those girls in the 4-7 looks range) are the trickiest subjects to devalidate, because it’s a fine line between delightfully maddening them and antagonistically saddening them.

There are important exceptions to the above generalizations about validation. For instance, an apex alpha male will occasionally give unmistakable social validation to subordinates (including girlfriends), who of course will eat it up and glow for a week thereafter. Giving validation can, in certain contexts, increase a man’s alphaness, because it signals that the man giving it can afford to “share the social status wealth”, so to speak.

Anyhow, validation, if used correctly (i.e., seductively), will require summoned energies from both your Light and Dark sides. The dark side of validation is called devalidation. YaReally explains it well:

@Sentient: I backed off of negs because on 6/7’s I kept running into “nice” girls [who] just got hurt by them, not in a bitchy way but in a “i like him and he’s making fun of me” way. But this caused me to fail to build attraction on the 7/8 range… so still having trouble calibrating the neg. Any resources etc appreciated here.

RSD Julien’s PIMP product. Specifically the Outer Game sections, very specifically the Vibe section of it. Very specifically the stuff on qualifying a girl and combining it into stacking devalidation (halfway thru the first vid)…complicated subject until you hear it explained, but it’s basically a turbo-charged version of negging that goes way beyond what Mystery was doing.

A buddy and I have been experimenting with it and the reactions we’ve been getting are ridiculous. I know everyone thinks I’m an RSD shill lol, but I only recommend legit useful shit (and Tyler doesn’t care if people pirate Foundations, Blueprint, etc.) and PIMP is legit useful. If you aren’t rolling in $ you won’t have a problem finding it through “other” means.

Try to ignore the crazy “I’ve just snorted a line of coke” mannerisms he has going on, listen to what he’s saying and watch the infield stuff he shows to demonstrate it and look where he’s using it and how they react. He does it to an extreme level for the sake of demonstrating how far you can take it, but toning it down to a less harsh level while keeping the structure he uses is still insane powerful. He’s taken a bunch of PUA concepts that everyone knows already work and combined them then streamlined the result…first time I’ve been legitimately impressed by new information in a few years of checking out pickup products that just rehash old knowledge.

I’ll try to explain it better at some point and after I’ve played with it some more myself, but Julien’s explanation is flawless and in-depth. The easiest way to describe it is that he devalidates the girl, then changes conversation threads before giving her a chance to qualify herself, and then he stacks that multiple times like Mystery’s multiple threading conversation technique and gets her extremely invested in trying to qualify herself to you and then after a while smoothly allows her to “win him over”, creating HUGE investment on her part which triggers a chain reaction back to her hamster that says “if I’m chasing him this hard he must be high value”. It’s brilliantly devious. [ed: indeed.]

Would send anyone to this resource instead of traditional “negging” resources, this is like Neg 2.0 evolved/enhanced as far as I’m concerned. And for anyone who missed it, here’s a bunch of vids to watch.

I highlighted the bold part, because that’s the take-home point. Have you ever, in so many words, told a girl she wasn’t up to your exacting standards, and then just flitted to a new topic before she could insist otherwise?

Devil’s Activist: Oh, man you are so high maintenance, I’m surprised you don’t come with an instruction manual.
Her: I’m not….
Devil’s Activist: Hey, that guy over there is drinking an appletini. Sign of the times. You into men comfortable with their femininity? Figures.

If you’ve had this sort of conversation with a girl, you’ll know how infuriating, and thus arousing, it can be for her. Devalidating a girl, then closing off any chance for her to revalidate herself, and repeating as necessary, can drive a girl into paroxysms of desperate self-qualification. And that’s the primrose path to poon. A man can DHV directly, or he can do it indirectly by… seducing… a girl into selling herself to him. When she’s selling herself, she’ll perceive you as an upscale buyer, because who else can afford her pricey product?

As always, flipping the biomechanical courtship script is pussy fire. Just know when to pull her toward you, or she’ll break in defeat when she thinks you’re unattainable or uninterested.


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