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The best thing about stopping by the Cheap Chalupas grease truck is reading commenter The Anti-Gnostic (blog here) make swift work of liberaltarian shibboleths.

I think we’ve seen enough to draw a few conclusions: Islam is incompatible with Western ideals; welfare subsidizes violent, unassimilable, r-selected populations; and open borders mean the death (literally) of liberal society.

I like the slice of his shiv. Don’t dawdle about with the extremities; aim straight for the leftoid heart. Fun Frag: The Anti-Gnostic has won the FCOTW before.

It’s time for a MMM FRESH MEAT! injection of COPROP.

Islam is incompatible with Western culture.
A few passionate bad Muslims will change society more than a million mealy-mouthed good Muslims.
Tribalism trumps liberté and égalité. (Fraternité subject to context.)
Islamophobia is code word for anti-white.
The white elite is the first enemy of the white race.
Diversity + Proximity = Charlie Hebdo.


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