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SJW Game

SJW (Social Justice Warrior) Game is described by commenter “Matthew Yglesias is a sex god”:

Jerkboy game has nothing on SJW game

1. Read Huffinton Post, Slate, ThinkProgress, and Vox religiously. Check in with the NYT on occasion for a moderate opinion.
2. Regularly post on facebook articles about the benefits of eating local and organic, heartwarming tales of minority children, and uplifting quotes about how happiness is more than just material wealth (since you yourself have a shitty job).
3. Don’t lift weights
4. Boast of your support for women’s rights
5. Impress girls with your knowledge of craft beer and artisanal cheeses
6. Continue wearing an Obama t-shirt into 2015
7. Whenever the bro who’s banged several of your attractive female friends leaves and is safely out of earshot, loudly proclaim “wow, that guy’s such a douchebag.”
8. Marry a Lena Dunham look-a-like at the age of 33
9. Rejoice that your wife doesn’t want to have kids, giving you both more time to devote your lives to helping others
10. Drunkenly hit on your apolitical friend’s attractive wife at a cocktail party. Get rebuffed.
11. Go on game websites and ridicule them for being misogynist posers who don’t actually get laid

Numbers 7 and 11 are the sharpest shivs. So many shitlibs I’ve known who guffawed about some cool jerk’s “douchebaggery” once he was out of the room. “Douchebag” has morphed into a catch-all SWPL term for a white man with noticeable muscle development, fearless social command that attracts slender women, and insufficient fealty to leftoid groupthink. It’s the Wormtongue whine of the bitter androgyne.

MYIASG’s comment arrived too late to be included in this week’s Comment of the Week (COTW) sporting event, but it will be grandfathered in as a submission for Comment of the Year.


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