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Self-Acknowledgement Game

Self-Acknowledgement Game — the art of verbalizing the technique and timeline of your seduction to a woman as it’s happening — has a storied pedigree here at the Chateau. A skilled practitioner can perform miracles with Self-Acknowledgement Game, because it’s at once flirty, edgy, jerkish, charming, and all while maintaining just enough running narrative emotional distance to avoid triggering a girl’s anti-slut defense or bitch shield.

Commenter Thoroughbred writes,

In the category of taking social risks, I’ve been using an opener for awhile now that works like dynamite because it’s so straightforward: “Hi… Wanna flirt and talk about sex?” At a minimum it gets a laugh just about every time, and most of the time it gets an enthusiastic “Sure!”.

The reason “Hi. Wanna flirt and talk about sex?” is so potent an opener is not because it’s direct, but rather because, despite the apparent directness of the message, it’s obviously humorous and therefore ambiguous in intent. And you know how chicks dig that tantalizing ambiguity.

I will say, though, that self-acknowledgement game probably works best if you’ve first gotten some minimal signal from a woman to approach. Otherwise, cold approaching inattentive girls with this line will come across more like an apocalypse opener.

And I wouldn’t try it on mixed groups. SAG is better for weeknight, one-on-one situations.

Thoroughbred continues with another anecdote that is more representative of cocky, preemptive disqualification game.

Tried another one recently that was pushing the limit and I was amazed at how well it worked. I had a good buzz on with just a bit of psilocybin in my system which always brings out the caveman in me for some reason. Don’t know if I would have tried this stone cold sober, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.

Sitting talking to a friend at the bar and a drunk 8 sits down next to me. We’re minding our own business, she’s loud and obnoxious. I’m taking up maximum space at the bar (actually have my feet up on the bar and leaning back on the bar stool) and giving her no attention. Catch her eye and she says “You’re a typical douchebag player aren’t you?”

Me: “That’s Mr. Douchebag to you.”

Her: “That’s what I thought. You don’t even deny it.”

Me (with a smirk): “Nope… And you obviously have no manners. I know your type. Rich little daddy’s girl who always got everything she ever wanted. You need to be disciplined.”

Her (Contemptuously): “Oh really… Who’s going to discipline me? You?

Me (Leaning in and whispering in her ear): “I’m out of your league sweetheart, but if you’d really like, I’d be happy to bend you over my knee and spank that pale little ass of yours until it leaves big red hand prints.” Her mouth drops open.

I turn around and start talking to my friend again and feel a tap on my shoulder. Turn back to her and she says “Will you dance with me?”

I couldn’t believe it.

The progression of male incredulity about female sexual nature:

Stage 1: “I don’t believe it.”

Stage 2: “I couldn’t believe it!”

Stage 3: “I’m beginning to believe it.”

Stage Player: “Wasn’t it always obvious?”


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