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Accidental Alpha Game

A reader stumbled on a text schema that has the potential to light up vaginas from Tokyo to Toronto.

Dude. I just accidentally hit on a great way to sexualize a text exchange. I was Tinder chatting with a girl and after I spit some game, instructed her, as I always do, to punch in her number “and I’ll hit you up when I’m back from India.” (I’m really going fyi.) except that this time, I accidentally left out the word “up.” So, “I’ll hit you when I get back.” I then said “whoops. Meant hit you UP. stupid autocorrect…But I can hit you if you’re into that.” Which then led to a convo about hitting and I’m pretty sure she’s about to get punished soon. It may sound minor but it changed the flavor of the convo–and if there’s anything I learned from this site, it’s that the little things make all the difference. Cheers.

PS thanks for fucking changing my life

Better a sheepish alpha than a bold beta.

I think this reader would’ve had results just as rewarding, or at least as rewarding, had he not bothered issuing a regretful explanation, and let some time elapse wherein the girl could allow her hamster to roam freely trying to decrypt his true meaning. Spin spin rodent!

When a man hears “I’ll hit you”, his immediate instinct is to gird for violent battle. When a woman hears “I’ll hit you”, her immediate instinct is to wonder just how unbelievably sexy this man could be. Then, depending on the follow-up psychosexual feedback, she either girds for retreat or ungirds her loins.

PS Readers have approximately a six week window to try out this text trick before market saturation renders it unusable.


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