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Your Daily Game, Condensed

– Any time you’re out ordering chicken with a girl is the perfect time to use the “I’m a breast/leg/dark meat man. Whoa, that’s not what I meant!” line.

– A decent out-of-the-gate neg: Stroll up, look over girl puzzlingly, say “I don’t know if you’re worth a cheesy pick-up line.”

– Women will construe your complaining, however justified, as whining. Frame your complaints as facetious sarcasm instead.

– Watch for any hint that your woman has stopped trying to please you. If her bush is getting hairier, that’s a red flag.

– Holiday departments of stores are great pickup opportunities. “I was told Santa would be here. Have I been lied to my whole life?!”

– Flipping the sexes in classic female flirting is good game. For example: “I bet you say that to all the guys.”

– With women, ‘no’ doesn’t always mean no. However, ‘maybe later’ means no.

– If you’re dropping a girl off at her home and the prospect of sex is fading, ask “Can I use your bathroom?” Get your foot in her door. At least then you have a chance to convert.

– When you meet a girl for a date, look her body up and down. A girl who feels self-conscious will strive for your approval.

– Even if you don’t disagree with a girl, it’s a good habit to say ‘no’ to her on a regular basis. No means yes later.

– If a girl starts going on about how many guys give her attention, a quippy neg is “That must’ve taken a lot of work.”

– Keep the gift-giving to a bare minimum during the first year dating. Set a girl’s expectations low and she’ll always be surprised.

– I like to tell girls I had a weird dream about leaving them without a trace, and ask them, “What does it mean?” Small doses of dread bring big returns in love.

– Make fun of girlstride. You: “Been practicing your grand entrance?” *hand on hip, imitating her attention whore tromp*

– Fidgeting betrays attraction. Maintain your composure. If she fidgets, touch her arm and ask if she’s nervous around you.

– When you make a concession to a girl, exaggerate your sacrifice. A girl likes to feel she’s breaking an intransigent jerk.

– When a girl flexes her crudity muscles as a shit test to get a reaction, make a face of disgust and say “Eww”. Solid neg.

– Whenever you’re at a sticking point with a girl, recall a natural you know. Try to imagine his reaction, and do likewise.

– Guilt inducement can be a game tactic. If a girl acts poorly, say “Hey don’t dump your issues on me. We just met.”

– Take a girl home. Pour a drink. She says, “No thank you”, reply “No, this is for me.” Smile. Huge lubricating neg.

– State control is winking at a girl on the bus, receiving a snarl from her, and then pointing at your other eye and winking with that.

– You’ll know your game is tight when girls ask after sex if they were the best you’ve ever had, rather than the other way around.

– Ankle Bracelet Game.

– “Watching two lesbians make out. Disconcertingly, one has a man’s face and a ScarJo body. I’m torn. Do I feel horny or burning shame?” <– Say this kind of stuff to cute girls. Chicks dig men who leave impressions.

– How to reframe a blowjob: Tell your girl if she gives you a knobber you’ll reward her with longer sex.

– If a girl accuses you of a vice or character flaw, often best reply is to agree. Her nature is to reconsider her judgment.

– After you’ve agreed with her indictment of your character, tell her, “I want to be a better person, but it’s tough.” Chick crack.

– A false step is easily reclaimed with a simple “I meant to do that”.

– Terse charm > loquacious charm > charmlessness.

– Never apologize for the impudence of your package. Men should be slapping the world with their junk.

– Walk and stand as if there was an invisible wire attached to your dick pulling you forward from that focal point.

– Avoid formal dates. Passe, value lowering, & they lengthen time-to-sex. Stick to “I’ll be at [X}, meet me there” formulation.

– The most powerfully intoxicating word a man can say to a woman is “No”.


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