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COTW winner is Burn It All (but not my fedora and new atheist soundbite collection dude), who writes,

“Fuck ‘em all” >>> FTW. Don’t take anything too seriously. Nobody’s getting out of here alive.

“It’s purely a materialistic mindset you are processing with.” Yes. It’s HER materialistic mindset that you let take control of your life. Nothing can fill the hole in her soul. Don’t ever start to try. Fill her three useful holes with your cock instead.

Think of all the ass you pulled in college when you lived in a shithole, sheets over the windows, furniture from the dumpster, pounding shitty beer and sleeping on a soiled mattress on the floor. She never talked about window treatments, new cars, McMansions or vacations. She just sucked your cock and spread her legs whenever you flashed that grin.

Now she wants you to trade your life energy for something she gave to a ton of other guys for NOTHING.

The minute you indulge her fiat/debt spending endless accumulation tendencies you have lost.

A supreme tragedy of Western womanhood (from a societal perspective) is that the best years of their sexual scrumptiousness (age 15-25) are spent defiled by charming layabouts without a pot to piss in. But this should prove to men who opt for the golddigger bribery strategy that women aren’t attracted to your credit line or 2,400 sq ft heating oil sink. A wad of cash and a 1/2 acre lawn won’t make tingles erupt; those things just obtain concubinage from women who are already past their prime and willing to tolerate the boredom of beta male reliability.

The day that men wake up to this reality is the day civilization collapses into its origin goo. Which is why it will never happen. Men have their own hardwiring which acts to blind them to the machinery clanking away underneath the mating dance gloss so that their true masters — their genes — can propagate.


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