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Gaming Smartass Girls

This is filched from another pickup forum because it so neatly encapsulates the type of attitude you’ll get from smartass girls. CH is, we profess with some pride, well-schooled in the razor-sharp art of parrying smartass chicks; born and bred in a sea of sarcasm n’ snark queens, we have learnt our trade the best way possible: scrotum to ginezone.

Me: Good things come to those who wait.
Her: But greater things come to those who work for it.

How would you guys respond to this?

The BEST game for smartass girls is calling her smartassery and raising it. For example:

Honky Dong: Good things come to those who wait.
Her: But greater things come to those who work for it.
Honky Dong: Try not to break a sweat then.

Smartass girls are one part smart, two parts ass. This kind of escalating play of wits is their Moloko Plus. They require it, they need it, they love it. It’s not hard to do once you crack the code. The trick is to know when to execute the sudden stop and drop the gear into seductive seriousness. This will usually occur around iteration three of the flirtatious exchange. Game newbs make this mistake a lot; they see they’re provoking positive reactions, so they figure “hey, more of a good thing can’t hurt”. But it can. Too much teasing makes jack a predictable clown.

Unpredictability is king. Proper teasing is something most men don’t do, which is why it’s so arousing to women. But something else that even fewer men do is taking the lead on changing the courtship course. Excite a girl with your nofucksgiven banter, then excite her more with a sly fuck given.


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