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How To Win At Divorce

Commenter Mom’s proud provided a road map for taking the divorce industrial complex by the throat and throttling it until victory is yours.

You burn it down and start over. In all likelihood most of what you built was with her/family in mind in the first place. Not yourself and it doesn’t matter. It’s purely a materialistic mindset you are processing with. Take out all of the emotion and a divorce turns into a business transaction. As it should be.

I nuked a 25 year marriage, I filed and no it’s not easy. I consider myself the luckiest man in the world. I did what most men cannot and that is I walked away from a long term marriage without the burden of alimony and child support payments. I took on ALL debt from the marriage. I surmise it cost me around $245,000 in credit card balances, re-mortgage and division of the home equity (she got a check for $65,000 out of that, stung like a bitch) and some 401k stash plus a few silver and gold bars.

That was 5 years ago. Directly after the divorce was final, I filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stopped paying the mortgage on the house and continued to live there for the next 4 years for free. I am untouchable and debt free at 51 with a stash of cash you wouldn’t believe.

It can be done and you will survive – Fuck’em all

Sever all emotional ballast. Take on all debt. File for divorce. Then file for bankruptcy. Start over a new man. That’s living the new American Dream.

The more men that do this, the closer this bernankefied debt scheme comes to total collapse. If single momhood, sluts, and gross obesity can be free from shame, then so can bankruptcy. Shamelessness is the lube that greases the asshole of a civilization about to get rammed into obliteration.


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