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Krauser is one of a small handful of pickup artists (old skool translation: womanizers) CH respects who are legitimate voices in a wilderness of heavy-handed marketing and shyster phonies. He’s got tight game, avoids hype, keeps it on the level, and his style isn’t overheated histrionics that only appeal to a minority of highly extroverted men. For those who require proof of poonhoundery, Krauser used to post up documentary XXX videos of the girls he was banging, and CH can confirm they were a quality lot. (Probably a good idea he stopped doing that.)

Also, for you “only looks matter” trolls, Krauser is not a Clooney clone. So you can rest easy that his lays are earned by the nimbleness of his tongue than by the twinkle of his bedroom eyes.

Krauser has a new book out — a monster by the looks of it — called Daygame Mastery. Word on the street is that it’s the Encyclopedia Britannica of day game. Quote:

  • The vibe chapters explain targeting, cold reading the potential targets, girl archetypes plus their traits and his own take on approach anxiety (which I hadn’t heard before). There’s also some interesting stuff on stateless game rather than getting into state.
  • The street chapters cover everything from stopping, body language, subcommunication, tone, different opening methods and his own template on opening. This is further broken down to show how it works. The conversational section is fascinating, it gives examples on advancing with hooks or rapport and then expands further.
  • There is a short game/long game segment is fantastic and it could be a book in itself. Instances of text chats are shown and every sent/received text is dissected, the same is done with social media. Krauser shows how to build the most appealing facebook profile and then more real world examples of the chats he’s had and why they have worked.
  • The date model is incredible descriptive, detailing everything from how to react if she’s late, venue selection/how to run each venue, types of language/body language to use, physical escalation, when it’s on/not on. It’s like every nuance of this phase has been considered.
  • The last segment of the book delves into some special situations such as same day lays, interloping men, frame crush, fine tuning to the girl and dealing with difficult girls, again with examples of each.

There’s no questioning Krauser’s reservoir of game knowledge, and it appears he has stuffed this tome with just about everything he knows. And possibly just about everything anyone knows on the subject.

Be warned, at $100 it’s steeply priced. But it looks worth it. So if you have the loose change, CH gives a (preliminary) recommendation. If you’re one of those men who has tired of night game and the club scene (and if you’re over 25 this likely applies to you), then daygame is where your focus will naturally gravitate. Being able to meet girls in the daytime and capture their interest, is very empowering in the realist sense, not the bitter feminist sense.

A book this exhaustive should be read like one would read a textbook for a class; deliberately and diligently. Take a break from every chapter to apply what you’ve read to the field. One caveat: It’s easy to get caught up regurgitating an endless loop of PUA books while losing sight of the ultimate goal. I suspect a lot of men buy these books with the feeling that the material provides handy excuses to never approach a woman in real life. Maybe you’re one of those men who convinces himself that you’re growing as a player by reading about penetrating insights into female nature and courtship techniques? The books have their place, but don’t let them substitute for actual experience applying the lessons contained therein. You don’t need more than two or three highly regarded resources to learn what you need to know to get started seducing women the way they love to be seduced.


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