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Homeless Helper Game

If you live in a metropolitan region where there’s a nontrivial per capita population of homeless, and you see the same street bums lounging on the same spots of sidewalk on your daily constitutional, you can run what I call Homeless Helper Game.

The concept is simple. Buy your lunch and a little extra, like a pastry. Under pretense of charity, and in full view of some passing cuties, kneel down in front of the bum and hand him the pastry, saying “you look like you could use a bite”. Act like you think no one is watching you (that means no glancing around for approval, unless you can conceal it really well).

The homeless guy of course will be elated. The girls will be wet. No girl, no matter how cynical or corporately manjawed, can resist this display of alpha male generosity. Why alpha male? Because providing charity is alpha; receiving charity is beta, veering into omega territory.

The trick is to spin your insta-DHV into a conversation with one of the passing cuties. Occasionally, a girl will approach you to say she noticed and thought it was a great thing you did. Reply with a faux humble “I didn’t think anyone saw that. Now I’m kind of embarrassed.”

Otherwise, you’ll have to situate yourself near a girl you know witnessed your act of charity, say at a bus stop or pedestrian crossing, and make a show of crumpling up the paper from which you withdrew the pastry you gave to the bum. If she’s at all intrigued, that will be enough to get her talking.

This isn’t a high volume game tactic. There are way more efficient ways to meet women. But it’s a fun addition to your seduction skillset and a great way to spice up an otherwise ordinary stroll. Oh yeah, and you fed a homeless guy, which is better than giving him cash money which will inevitably be spent on liquor.


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