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Tinder Game

Fresh off the forum.swole reservation, here are some screen captures of Tinder chats that brilliantly demonstrate aloof alpha attitude, push/pull, and disqualification game.

(For those of you in the blessed dark, Tinder is a hook-up application that works by tracking girls near you and giving you the chance to “like” them. If a girl matches your like, Tinder will automatically start a conversation between the two of you.)

The man behind these chats is a self-professed “average” looking dude.

Note the evasive framing. “Next time I visit my friends”. She’s an afterthought to him, and she loves it.


“fun sized”. He qualified her, and now she’s in the psychological space of the chaser, rather than the chasee. Girls love to chase, because the experience is so foreign to them. (And because they perceive a man they are chasing to be an alpha male. If he wasn’t alpha, they wouldn’t be chasing him, naturally!)

He disqualifies her with the firmness. She immediately backpedals.

Sarcastic use of conventional courtship tropes is like a mini value booster. It’s saying, “I know the score, this isn’t my first rodeo, so I’m gonna fuck with social expectations for laughs.” When she throws some beta bait at him, (“dinner and drinks”), he swats it away with the dog park idea.

“#” is the new “…”.

More beta bait, which he evades with a cocky self-disqualification. This fries her hamster circuit, leaving an opening to follow-up with a direct command.

Modern flirting. She’s trying to entrap him into blubbering like a lovesick beta so she can escape the spiral of her increasing horny level. Instead, he sidesteps her hoop with a raunchy joke.

Calculated vulnerability game. Shine like an alpha diamond to draw the women in, then surprise them with a little velvety soft beta plush toy hiding behind your back.

This was a clinic in how to bag the modern woman. Godspeed players, and may your hunt turn this world into a tinder, gentler place.


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