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Reader Charlie Don’t Surf waxed poetical and quasi-biblical,

16 Commandments of Pajamaboy:

First off, I love you
I’ll never look at another woman
You’re my everything
I’ll do anything you say
I’ll do double for you
This is exactly how I feel
You’re my one and only
I’m sorry – I’m sorry – I’m sorry
I won’t play with your emotions
You’re beauty is awe inspiring
I’m so unsure of myself
I’m not good at anything
Best we take it slow
That’s all I got … I’ll get you a towel
You’re my master
If you leave – I’m going to die.

Coming Soon to a marital bathhouse near you: The Wreck of the Pajamaboy Cuckold.

(bring a tissue, because this one is an emotionally charged tearjerker!)


First COTW Runner-up is Scray, presenting for your delectation a how-to guide for manipulating gossip whores to your personal advantage,

I’m pretty sure that the greatest, best contrast game to master is ‘snake in the grass’ beta imitation game. Promise commitment, flowers, etc. up until the bang. Then proceed to go full asshole. I would think that this would maximize a man’s short-term mate quality.

If it gets back around to me — and I fucking hope it’s a girl who asks — “oh yeah, I really wanted to give her everything….but she just wasn’t ready.” My word against hers. And since a) girls LOVE fucking over their friends and b) girls are also jealous of their friends and likely to believe the worst….and c) because the girl is better looking than me, so the scenario likely has played out this way before…the chances of me coming out smelling like a rose seem pretty high. Not to mention having a shot at the friend, now.

Leverage women’s natural dispensation to backstab other women to your advantage, i.e., “muddy the estrogenic waters”. A helpful reminder: A lot of naturals are really as malign as evidenced in the ploy above. But they don’t put their machinations to pen on internet forums, or, really, think much at all about their actions. Plausible deniability is king of kings.

We discuss what works here, not necessarily what’s righteous in the eyes of the Chateau Overlord. “He said, she said” can backfire, though, especially if the “He” is a dude most women would automatically distrust. So I wouldn’t classify it as any sort of tried-and-true Game technique; it’s just an old-fashioned lie that can occasionally pay big dividends (if you don’t care about the long-term fallout).


Second COTW Runner-up is none other than that flatus of nature known as da GBFM,


wheneverd da GBFM see his twelve inch lotoattss cockas againstz her milky white skin and blond puzuzyyzyzyzyzyz, dat is high contrast game!!! zllzlzzzo

Finally figured it out. The lozzololzzzlol is GBFM motorboating.


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