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Following on the heels of archival microfiche documenting the efficacy of jerkboy charisma game in the textual wild, comes this from a reader,

I’m always amazed by how right you are with your text game advice.

One of my areas of weakness had always been my text game.  6 months after reading your blog this shit is happening.  She’s the gray and I’m the green below.  Thanks man!

Attached was this screenshot of a text word count ratio that looks very favorable for the man.

Harkening to the previous post, the take-home lesson here is not the specific wording he used in his reply, but the game concepts he upheld. In this instance, he “pushed” her away by ignoring her plea, teased her by promptly offering to watch a show she didn’t want to watch, and then “assumed the sale” by not bothering to wait for her response before suggesting — no, commanding — she meet him at his stated time.

Also beside the point are complaints that this isn’t game because “she already knows him”. Look folks, game never stops, because women’s sexual psychologies never stop functioning. You think just because some girl previously agreed to a date with you that that means you can stop acting like the charming bastardo you unloaded on her the first go-round?

Naturally, differences in the structure of your game will accompany the type of relationship you have with the woman in question. Most notably, if you and her just met in a crowded noisy venue, you’ll have to be more aggressive and intentional to seal the deal and avoid any misconstrual that you’re a boring beta or a seeker of asexual friendship. If you have known her for a few dates and a sexual or romantic relationship has yet to be nailed down to your satisfaction, then an air of relaxed aloofness will assume a larger role in your game. If you have been banging her for six months, and she’s hooked, then you’ll want to solidify the relationship (if that’s your goal) with more displays of beta provisioning.

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