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girls will be boys and boys will be girls
it’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Scalzi
Scal-scal-scal-scal Scalziiiii….

CH has long been on record decrying a perceptible increase in masculinization of Western women and feminization of Western men. Mangan tackled the subject recently, and there are stirrings among the realtalkerati that a strange psychological, biological, or both, convergence of men and women to a creepy androgynous norm is occurring, and that this secular sexual convergence — a global gelding, if you will — is most pronounced among populations in the developed world.

Tally the evidence:

Sperm counts are down, way down.

Violence is down. (Though some of this trend may be attributable to the chill-inducing disincentive of nuclear annihilation.)

The facial structures of women and men are converging.

Sexual dimorphism may have decreased since caveman times.

Grrlpower may be masculinizing women.

Every which way you measure the health of America, she is declining, except for the stock portfolios of the 1% ruling elite. One is tempted to draw a connection between the flowering androgyny of the Anglosphere people and the loss of confidence and faith in the historical Western project. The ubermensch is not a Nordic warrior; he is a doughy whiner and a shrieking termagant begging for annihilation at the hands of the uruk hai.

There may be upsides to reduced sexual dimorphism, but the costs are real, and dispiriting to lovers of beauty. A world of ballbusting manjaws…

and pudding pop nancyboys…

is about as far from divinely inspired beauty as fallen man can sink.

What is the end game of mass androgyny leading toward a human unisex? One shudders to contemplate.


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