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Swiped from the Boys from Brasil Norte, a neologismic mockery missile worthy of repoasting:

Caplanization is the process by which the proponents of a particular policy (in this case unrestricted immigration) argue for it in such a manner than virtually all reasonable people are attracted to the opposite position.

Related. You know how robots that get too close to looking human, but not close enough to precisely mimic humans, reach what is known as the Uncanny Valley, and creep people out? Caplan and his hivekind are like the reverse of that process, humans who get too close to robotic facsimiles of humans, but haven’t yet reached full robotization, and creep people out with their vertigo-inducing human-borg form. Only when his transformation is complete will normal people begin to enjoy Caplan’s company, putting the cat on him and sharing a laugh as he roombas around the family room.


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