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The Wickedest Links

1. A commenter over at HBD Chick proposed in the comment thread to a post about chicks digging jerks that modern liberals (for all practical purposes the global Western elite) are like a nomadic r-selected species — that is, they prefer the metaphorical pump and dump lifestyle to the family formation lifestyle. He also passed along the catchy aphorism that [liberal elite] nomads are “farmers of civilization. The nomads allow civilizations to grow and then when they are ripe they eat them.” Ideas like this should catch on within Dark Enlightenment circles, even if they aren’t fully fleshed out. The world desperately needs courageous, free thinkers, now more than ever.

2. I read this Dissent article by [vapid shrike alert] Jezebel writer Katie J.M. Baker [/vapid shrike alert], about cad bounder Roosh’s time as a farmer of pussy in Denmark and his disdain for the local women there, and I thought something sounded off about both the tone and substance of the article, as if Baker’s ostensible book review of “Don’t Bang Denmark” was really a springboard for her to launch her stupid feminist agenda talking points. Having not read “Don’t Bang Denmark”, I couldn’t be certain my suspicion was well-founded. But now Roosh has answered Baker and accused her of distorting pretty much everything about his book and his time there. Suspicion confirmed. Good rule of thumb: When a feminist flaps her gums, she’s lying through her teeth.

3. Male self-delusion. The rationalization hamster can thrive anywhere there is a habitat for it, such as a field of sour grapes.


4. Remember the post about the gigantic obese chick who complained about all the weird looks she got from people who saw her and her thin “boyfriend” out together? The boyfriend has responded. (See the attached photo for extra s.) I still say the guy is a closet homo with the typical leftoid pathological over-sensitivity to hurtful hurtiness. The dude is a walking sexual identity crisis who gets off playing a martyr for the cause.

5. Answers to objections to monarchism. File under: It’s good to be the King’s subject!

6. The Obesity Era: Animals are getting fat, too. An intriguing theory: Is the obesity epidemic nature’s way of preparing all animal life for a coming Ice Age?

7. John Derbyshire on the cruelty of the overclass. One day, the wronged part of white America will notice the boot on its face. How they’ll respond, is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they’ll have learned to love being ground to dust. Or perhaps they’ll shed their inertia, and execute an escape move. If reaction fully unleashed, to be followed by a finishing move.

8. TED trolled.


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