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The following open source, feminist bromide translation service is offered free of charge. Share with your local warpig!

exploitation, noun
1. anything that gives straight men pleasure.

threatening, adj
1. an instance of consensual lovemaking.
2. an erect penis.

“Men are threatened by [X]“, clause
1. rationale offered when men don’t like what feminists like.

rape, noun
1. regret.
2. unsatisfactory sex with a beta male.

rape culture, noun
1. invisible, unidentifiable, cosmic force that helps provide justification for massive redistribution of wealth from men to women.
2. normal, healthy society.

slutwalk, noun
1. a gathering of half-naked ugly women imagining that men want them.
2. a gathering of half-naked cute women orchestrated by a rich man living in the Upper East Side as a ruse to get laid.

social conditioning, noun
1. biology.
2. all-purpose explanation for any innate human behavior or sexual preference that vexes feminists.
3. hope.

BBW, proper noun
1. a fat woman looking at herself in an hourglass-shaped funhouse mirror.

“smart and sassy”, adj.
1. annoying.
2. ugly.
3. fat.
4. what women with the above three traits put in online dating profiles in lieu of a full body photo.

[X] privilege, noun
1. anything that isn’t immediately recognizable as feminist privilege.
2. the sin of someone being better at something than someone else.
3. the quality of not being a loser.
syn.: envy

creep, noun
1. a boring niceguy who makes an innocent pass at a woman.
2. a male target of a feminist’s psychological projection.

asshole, noun
1. noncommittal lover.
2. sexy cad who doesn’t know feminist exists.
3. irresistible man.

mansplaining, noun
1. logic.
2. reason.

whine, noun
1. legitimate complaint.

double standard, noun
1. a reality of human sexual nature which bothers feminists.
2. holding women accountable for the consequences of anything they do.

“WOW, JUST WOW”, exclamation
1. emotional response to hurtful facts.
2. a resounding admission of defeat in the marketplace of ideas.

War on Women, proper noun
1. a make-believe land dreamed up by feminists and their male enablers to explain away the natural consequences of sex dimorphism.
2. a shibboleth offered by community college professors to starry-eyed, naive coeds, for the purpose of easily seducing them.
3. propaganda to divert attention from the fact that women in the whole receive every societal and cultural advantage in life.

cisgender, noun
1. normal human being.

LGBQT, proper noun
1. abnormal human being.

heteronormativity, noun
1. the imagined cause of a misfit’s deep feelings of shame and inferiority.

“I am a feminist because [X]“, clause
1. rationalization for having no dating life or marital prospects.

Women’s Studies, proper noun
1. lifetime poverty.

“No self-respecting woman would date [X]“, clause
1. An obvious face-saving excuse ugly women say when rejected by men.
2. No True Feminist fallacy.


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