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You can fast-track your cad career by being smarter about the locations of your target acquisition. But this may require going above and beyond the call of decency.

1. Abortion clinics

What better (or faster) way to look like a protector of loved ones than to strike a pose at an abortion clinic waiting room, assisting a friend in fertilized distress? The kind of man who will “be there”, even in a woman’s darkest moments. And your quarry… ladies at their most vulnerable, many forgotten and discarded by badboy lovers. And you know these abortion-questing broads are impulsive, full spectrum sluts. The proof is in the womb pudding. Their BFF escorts are sluts, too. Sluts like to be around other sluts, so they’re not constantly judged by withering glares.

Here’s a man who took the pre-viability plunge:

I creep on [girls] and they love my confidence. I have put myself out there. I made out with a girl the other day for the first time since high school.

Anyways, abortion clinics are great. I always go in and i pretend that I am making an appointment for my sister because she got knocked up and my parents are religious. So the other day i go by the clinic (my parents kicked me out and I moved in with my grandma who lives close to one clinic) and I just lurk around so see if any hot non preggos come in. After about an hour or so this cutie walks in with her preggo friend.

Now I don’t do preggos because they have weird nipples and I am lactose intolerant so sex gets messy and pukey. But her friend was hot.

so I make up a sob story to this bish about my sister and how I am there for her even though my parents would abondon her is she told them about the pregnency. I also tell them that women have the right to choose (lol the only thing I let bishes choose is how much lettuce they put in my sandwich. Bishes be all healthy and sh;t).

So the preggo goes into the clinic while the hot friend stays out with me. We talk about feminism and stuff. She is impressed with my in depth knowledge and asks me to come out to the bar later. (I hate finism but I learned all about it to trick bishes. Bishes be dumb lol).

So I go home start pre gaming and puke a few times because of my celiacs (can’t drink beer). Go to bar, talk up the bish, buy her drinks and she kisses me at the end and tells me that she has to go but I should come over to her house on monday. I’m gonna get laid tomorrow. So happy.

This strategy of killin’ it at the clinic might not be viable much longer, thanks to the morning after pill. Next pick-up stop… CVS!

2. Gay bars

If you have the stomach for it, plying the gay bar for straight women is subterfuge with a high ROI. There are many reasons why gay bars are great pick up places for straight men, but really it primarily comes down to the de facto sex ratio skew. The bar doesn’t have to be wildly gay, either. A minimal substitution of, say, 10% of the straight men with gay men can make the women there feel quite a bit more anxious about their market positions. Nudging the sex ratio needle a little can help your cad cause a lot.

Gay bar downside: Trannies. You better hope you have a keen eye, crying gamer.

3. Divorce/family court

Ever hang out at your local bureau of broken dreams and tragic mistakes? Yeah, the quality there isn’t great (most hot babes marry well and learn to tolerate the mistresses) but the self-esteems are at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Like stalking abortion clinics, the objective here is to hone on women who are hurting awfully bad, and pick up their spirits with promises of romance to carry them away from their problems.

4. Any poor country

Self-explanatory. As an American, you’ve got that “expert from afar” and “meal ticket” vibe going which foreign women in poor countries amor amor amor. But these INCREDIBLE DEALS won’t last, because America’s relative superiority to lesser nations with good-looking peasant girls is shrinking by the day. Soon, you can kiss goodbye that East European breastbasket. Next pick-up stop… Rwanda!

5. Welfare office

Flash that roll of tens, and you are good to go, pimp daddy! Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “But I like my women to look like women and not megafauna!” Somebody call the waaambulance. Ok, then pay a visit to the countryside, where skid row is more rustic, and more white. At least a few of those hard luck cases will be disarmingly cute. Downside: Hope you like tripping over toys on the way to the bedroom.

6. AA meetings/sex addict groups/rehab centers

There’s nothing better for the modern Casanova than a fragile woman with low impulse control. Heck, books have been written about it. Problem is, some bishes are catching onto the ploy.

7. Funerals

Ah, the specter of death, beaten back with help from the specter of your scepter.

8. George Mason University Economics Department

After a week of enduring robotic sperg anti-game, that cute coed will be dying for some human contact. Should be hassle-free to sit in on a class or one hundred, because I’m certain the GMU Econ Department has an open door policy, right?


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