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If, as I theorize, extreme racial hybridization leads to racial demoralization, it makes sense that the white ruling elite would want to encourage cross-pollination of their distant-kin maidens with the world’s wretched horndogs. (The elite themselves would never deign to follow their own precepts, exceedingly rare and foolish exceptions to the contrary.) An entrenched power structure primarily fears two threats: attrition by in-fighting, and usurpation by their aggrieved cousins, (or their aggrieved hosts), and it’s the urgency and palpability of the second threat that keeps them up at night in a cold sweat. This fear ensures that the ruling class tirelessly works to promote their interests, which align presently with the total disenfranchisement of their nearest enemy: their racial cousins that until now have served them without complaint or spite. And for the blind proles’ happy help, they are spat upon by ingrates with more money than God.

In this disenfranchisement and dispossession of their sneered-at racial cousin lessers, the white elite also imagine themselves beneficent rulers of a prostrate mass of equatorial poverty projects, serving as redeemers and saviors to teeming hordes that are nothing more than props to abet elite moral preening and imbue them with a dopamine rush of feels.

Outbreeding is the jargon du jour for cross-pollination, and it is becoming apparent based on accumulating research that outbreeding in the old northwest corner of Europe helped advance civilization there, and eventually bestowed the rest of humanity with its blessings of iPhones and foreign aid to shorten the time that subsistence economies reach their Malthusian limits.

But it is also the case that there is a limit to the good that outbreeding can do, and that there is a “sweet spot” where outbreeding is balanced with inbreeding that results in the maximal prosperity, health and, most critically, long-term stability of the nations whose populaces hit that sweet spot. In short, the photo above is a warning, not a guidepost.

Every day now brings fresh reminders that the Western elite, and particularly the American elite, are evil, and act with impure intentions. They will stop, or they will be stopped. This is the path we’re on, unswervingly.


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