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Beta Male Move Of The Day

The Beta Male Move of the Day highlights a classic beta male “tell” that women subconsciously register and which then powers down any nascent attraction that they may feel toward the man betraying himself by his beta behavior. BMMOTDs (or, colloquially, “Beta Movements”), can be egregious or subtle; the end result, however, is always the same: more distance between you and the pussy.

Personal Real Life Detail Revealed:

I was in a pricey bar catering to young-ish professionals when I noticed the following Beta Movement.

End Personal Real Life Detail Transmission

That’s all you need to know to grasp the game lesson herein.

The Beta Movement is chicken pecking. Pecking of the head, or whole body pecking, it doesn’t matter; watching a man do this is akin to watching a reserve tank labeled “Alpha Male Attractiveness Fuel” superimposed on his body slowly draining to the flashing red “E”. It’s a neediness gesture that primally offends both women (resulting in lost attraction) and other men (resulting in lost respect). Naturally, no one is going to conspicuously make a look of disgust if you peck while listening to him or her. The more likely response is a slow backing out of the conversation and sideways glances for more powerfully interesting company. Human social interaction is not s series of nuclear bombs going off, but a vast network of sensation-seeking psychological tendrils alternately reaching outward and inward and elsewhere for a foothold on which to attach.

Many men peck. It’s probably a hard-wired instinct that evolved to signal goodwill and concord, and thus facilitate in-group social lubrication. But the fact that many men do it is only evidence that many men are betas. Alphas wouldn’t be alpha if they were numerically superior. (Such a phenomenon, were it to occur, would be very short-lived anyhow as bull-headed jousting for distinction would lead to attrition.) Try to focus on your body and head as you listen to someone of notable social worth (this could be a high ranking man or a hot woman). Self-awareness is vital; if you feel your head bobbing at the neck when you want to express agreement or consilience, make a sound effort to stop doing it. Same goes if you feel your body swaying rhythmically in a similar fashion.

If you find yourself in fulsome agreement with your company, resist the urge to nonverbally and obsequiously express it. Practice maintaining not just unswerving eye contact, but also head and body stillness, when listening to an alpha male or alpha female in conversation. You should be closer to an obelisk, not a chicken. Chicks dig the obelisk.


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