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It’s not a secret that American women have lost their mojo. They’ve fallen far from the heights of the pin-up girl era to the present day man-squerading as lantern-jawed corporate henchcunts and biodiesel dirigibles. If ever there was a time for American men to get the hell out of Pudge and seek pinker pastures oversees, this is it. But such a decision is not as easy as “go to where the grateful hotties live.” Many factors must be taken into account besides density of pulchritude. If the Congo was filled with hot women but everything else about the country was the same, would you live there?

It’s also not a secret that America is morphing into a 2nd and soon 3rd world dump thanks to the traitorous machinations of our ruling class whose lust for cheap labor and neoPuritan Yankee eagerness to stick it to the wrong kinds of white people has eradicated any semblance of border control against the tide of orcs and dissolved the last stirring of unifying national bonhomie. Hence, some American white men are pondering the wisdom of going back to Europe, cradle of their genesis.

Thinking seriously about this subject, Randall Parker has butthexed the data and located an ideal destination for the single man in search of vaghalla and soul nourishment.

I’ve been thinking about the problem. Perhaps you’ve seem my posts where I ask my readers. None have come up with a good answer. But I think there is one: Ukraine. They are poor. Smart affluents would bring a lot to the table. They aren’t Russia. They would like to be less under Russian influence. America has never screwed them. [ed: America, fuck yeah!]

They have lower population density than the heart of Europe. One could always fly to Germany or Switzerland to see medical specialists.

The Odessa region has almost perfect climate for human habitation.

The summers are not as hot as NJ and the winters no colder.

The Crimea would be milder.

And, of supreme relevance, Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful the good mother earth, and perhaps genocidal world war and Holodomor culling, have produced. (And the Lord sayeth, Good things will come from great evil. Sorry, gotta include that great evil. Otherwise I’d get bored with the good good good all the time.)

Another possible upside (or downside, depending on your POV): Ukraine is on the feminine babe side of the Hajnal Line, or, as us wags like to call it, the Harridan Line. This is a geographic line that demarcates the part of Europe where nuptiality was historically lower (Northwest Europe) from the part where it was historically higher (East Europe). That is, in the traditional West where capitalism thrived, the women married later, had fewer kids, and worked more. This is the side of the Harridan Line that birthed the unholy tri-meme of feminism/equalism/multicultism. In the East of Europe, women married earlier, married older men, and had more kids. Generally, these women adhere more strictly to gender roles.

These kinds of selective pressures across the Harridan Line give rise to different types of female mentality. Ukrainian women are likely to be more feminine than Northwest European women, more apt to take care of their appearances and to watch their weights, and more at ease with their roles as the family nurturer and childcare specialist. They are also comfortable falling in love with older men, and welcome the wonderfully intoxicating leadership of their boyfriends and husbands.

The implications of the Hajnal Line are not all fun and games, though. Theoretically, there will be fewer beta males east of the Hajnal, and more cads, so your game has to be tight, especially up front during the attraction stage of seduction, when your main competition for the attentions of women won’t be wilting niceguys who don’t know how to plow through a shit test. On the other hand, if you can pass the early hurdles dealing with obscenely beautiful women who will shit test mercilessly for alpha congruity, your American Beta provider game should work much better on east-of-Hajnal women than on rode-worn-and-tossed-away-weary west-of-Hajnal careerist sluts with overpriced purses stuffed full of discretionary cash and scented condoms.


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