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Why Do Girls Flake?

Men who’ve lived a day in their lives have experienced it at least once: A girl flaking on them. That last minute cancellation. The sudden suggestion to “meet with friends” instead of one-on-one as originally planned. The call screening. The delayed replies. And the worst flake of them all: The no-show.

But why do girls do it? What’s in it for them?

A reader asks,

When women flake last minute on plans:

Do they understand that making plans and not keeping them is rude but don’t care due to lack or respect?


Do they not even understand that it’s rude because they’ve been catered to since birth?


Do they not think about it at all?

Just trying to get understand the rationale behind flaking…. Anytime I’ve outright asked I end up ruining my chances at sex and not getting a straight answer anyway.

Flaking is best thought of as a physical manifestation of the female psychological (hypergamous, yes) impulse to carefully assess her suitors. It isn’t a logical thought process; it’s entirely emotion-based. When a girl flakes, she may be consciously aware that what she’s doing is bad form, but the trigger for her flaking originates in primal nooks of her brain that evolved to autonomically assist her in identifying and reeling in the highest quality man her looks can get her, while expeditiously and sometimes viciously Heisman-ing beta dreck.

So you don’t fight flaking with logic; you fight it by pushing counteracting emotional hot buttons that subvert the flaking impulse.

Of course, once a woman has flaked, she easily rationalizes her crassness. Telling a girl she’s a bitch for flaking will do nothing but cement her feeling that she was right to flake on you. Subtler tactics are needed.

Do girls flake out of disrespect?

There’s an element of that. A culture which exalts the tinniest farts that escape female buttocks and demonizes the most laudable aspects of manhood certainly contributes to a caustic social soup that encourages disrespect of men.

Do girls lack comprehension of their rudeness?

Not so much, but possible, especially in this age of expressionless social media. When a girl can’t see facial reactions of the betas she disses, unknowing disrespect is easier to accommodate. Smartphones feed shamelessness.

Do girls not think about flaking much at all?

Bingo. Do you think much about why boobs and ass make your penis quiver? No, you just go with where the feeling takes you.

Forget about asking girls for reasons why they flake. Not only will you deep six your shot at sex, but you’ll infect your inner game with a poisonous attitude that hijacks your charming sexiness and replaces it with droning dweebery.

May I suggest instead the next time you feel an urge to dress down a girl for her flakiness, or to inquire earnestly for an explanation that soothes your nerves, you substitute your righteously brimming logorrhea with one word:



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