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Apparently, the discouragement needs more voltage.

realmatt (who is likely a troll nicking another commenter’s handle) comments in response to an earnest lad asking for a little help on cold approaching girls at college:

You can fake it till you make it until the cows come home but if you’re a big fat Nothing at the end of the day, then your life will stay the same.

Au contraire. In at least one respect your life will be different: You’ll have had sex with cute girls instead of no sex with cute girls.

Your true self will always shine through

Faking it actually creates an improved personality in time. This has been proven by scientific study, not to mention by millions of personal testimonials.

and I suspect that is why many of these famous, set-loving “PUAs” lose their girlfriends.

You’ve got the causality backwards. Most cads “lose” their girlfriends because they want them lost. There’s a certain breed of man who loves variety and the thrill of the chase.

There’s no doubt in my mind Mystery stands there going through all his rules in his head.

Maybe, but it appears to have worked for him. He’s got a kid now with a hotnsexy chick.

The mistake so many people are making is they see the woman as the ultimate prize.

From your gene’s pov, sex *is* the ultimate prize. If you can’t attract women, you’re the equivalent of DNA dead weight. Human dross fashioned in His likeness. Heh heh heh.

You should be trying to dominate in every aspect of your life.

Why herd the cows when you can squeeze the milk for free?

A woman is just an accessory.

Some accessories are more equal than others.

A trophy is just a reminder.

Have you ever been in love?

You have to make a choice.

Sez who? Seduction and careerism aren’t mutually incompatible.

Do you want to be a MAN or some feminized snarky bitch who can insult a woman into bed?

I always suspect the kinds of guys who write stuff like this are guys who envy the snarksters for their ability to score.

Does anyone here listen to these PUAs in their videos and think “God I wish I could be him..”?

Do you wish you could be Barack Obama, President of the United States of America?

Who the hell would want to behave like the PUA Tyler Durden???

TD’s way is not the only way.

he’s annoying as fuck.

Chicks dig men who impose.

Those guys are nothing but gay men who like to fuck women.

Gay men don’t like to fuck women.

They’re worthless beyond that.

Keep telling yourself that.

Leading her to believe you’re worth the effort and actually being someone who is worth the effort are 2 very different things and the truth always finds it’s way out.

So you believe men should work hard to appease women and fulfill their demands for a worthwhile man?

It’s getting to the point where the haters have become so apoplectic and incoherent that arguing with them logically is a fool’s errand. They’ll take repeated hammer blows to the ego, and come back sputtering the same nonsense ad nauseam. So instead, I’ll give them a taste of what they most loathe and fear: A little of the ol’ ultrasnark, delivered sideways gamesta style. It won’t win over the haters, who are un-convincable at any rate, but it’ll sure entertain the crowd, and it’s more fun for me. Poolside life bar: 100%.


A commenter writes,

God I hate this expression:

“Faking it” or “Fake it until you make it”

Why not just call it what it is, PRACTICE


Branding is half the battle. If the haters started calling game what it is — practice —  they would then tacitly admit that game is just like any self-improvement endeavor with a learning curve. Then they’d have nothing left to foam about.


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