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Is there a bigger shit test than a woman getting fat and expecting her man to put up with it? In the anals of shit tests, this has to be among the stinkiest.

One year ago, Pamela Doyle was busy preparing for her fairytale big day, which would be held in a stunning Scottish castle.

But with just weeks to go before her wedding, she was dumped by her fiance and lost her £2,000 deposit – all because of her weight.

At size 24, Pamela, 31, tipped the scales at a massive 17 stone. But the Glaswegian call centre worker has had the last laugh.

Not only has she lost seven stone and slimmed to a size 12, her ex has been left ‘stunned’ by her dramatically changed appearance.

‘He ended the relationship because of my weight and the issues surrounding it,’ said Pamela of her former lover – a serving soldier who she does not want to name.  It was making him miserable.’

Fiancee bloats up. What do most beta males do? Swallow that shit sandwich and walk the aisle to a dreary state-enforced future of endless nights of tripping the porn faptastic.

What does an alpha male do? Leave her just short of the blessed wedding event she has been dreaming of since childhood.

And because he was an alpha male about it, she wants him back.

Pamela, who now weighs just under 10 and a half stone, is still in touch with her ex-boyfriend and said she has not ruled out a reconciliation.

There are no ways in which being alpha is not better than being beta.


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