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New research shows that fat shits who are offered a financial incentive to lose weight… lose weight! And keep it off.

The research study by researchers at Mayo Clinic suggests that weight loss study participants who received financial incentives were more likely to follow the weight loss program strictly, and they noticed a reduction in their body weight when compared to those participants who didn’t receive any incentives.

Prior to this, a study showed how financial incentives help people lose weight. This study had a lesser number of participants who were followed for 12-36 weeks, while the latest study was conducted on 100 participants who were followed for one year.

The participants in the new study were employees of Mayo Clinic or their dependents belonging to the age group of 18-63, with a BMI of 30-39.9 kg/m2. These participants were divided into four groups, out of which two groups received financial incentives and two groups didn’t receive any financial incentives. […]

The researchers noticed that 62 percent of the participants in the incentive group achieved the goal, while just 26 percent from the non-incentive group hit the target. The mean weight loss of participants from the incentive group was 9.08 pounds and the mean weight loss for the non incentive group was 2.34 pounds.

With enough incentive — financial, romantic, pain avoidance (heh heh heh) — fatties can slim down. The problem is that there aren’t enough incentives to stay thin in modern America. “Fat acceptance” and “thin privilege” excuse mongers are sprouting up everywhere, like bloated weeds. Feminists and their suck-up manboob Pusstorian Guard have been on the shrieking rampage for decades trying to shame women away from staying thin and sexy. Fat craps are accommodated just about every place they steer their load bearing scooters.

People have more or less willpower, but everyone, barring a few unsalvageable outliers, has it. How much willpower a fatty brings to the buffet will depend on her attitude toward health, aesthetic pride of self, and desire to please the opposite sex. Those fatties who understand the consequences of their blimpage and don’t flirt with destructive self-annihilating ideologies of lies like feminism which propagandize the elevation of self-esteem and the ego and the debasing of biological reality and sexual attractiveness standards will do best at resisting the path of feast insistence. For the others… their eternal torment is my sadistic pleasure.

Fatsos: It’s not in their genes. It’s in their hearts.

And their double-wide parachute pants.


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