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The Wickedest Links

1. Often the best way to judge a man’s sexual market value is by the lengths to which his lover will go to please him. And by that measure, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was one hell of an alpha male. Cute Katherine Russell, The Muslim Bomber’s enraptured lover, once dreamed of going to college and joining the Peace Corps (LEFTOID ALERT). Instead, at age 21, she married Tsarnaev, bore him a vibrant spawn, converted to Islam, started wearing a hijab, and essentially surrendered her identity to submit, completely, utterly, to the man she loved. Her love did not dim even after he assaulted her in 2009. White nationalists who never miss an opportunity to white knight for white women in putative distress should take the lesson of this sordid tale to heart: You will never win the Western white woman’s loyalty by polishing her pedestal; you can only take her loyalty by showing her you can win. Chicks dig a winner.

2. Violent criminals are biologically different than the rest of us. Evidence is mounting that criminality has a physiological basis. For instance, violent criminals and psychopaths have lower resting heart rates. Causation is murky, but the correlations are strong, and it leads one to wonder if, or how, this knowledge that criminals have different brain structures than non-criminals will affect the dispensation of justice. Prediction: The lawyers will smell chum in the water and, like they have done for low IQ murderers, will manage to wrangle reduced sentences for killers on grounds of impaired volition. Alternate scenario: Minority Report.

3. Cross-cultural differences in newborn behavior (via West Hunter). Watch the video. This is the kind of inarguable evidence for innate behavioral differences in human races that should, in a sane world, send equalists who believe in cultural conditioning phantasms scurrying for shelter under rocks and in caves. But we no longer live in a sane world; it’s their world now, and that means more insanity, more sophistry, and more cheap status whoring.

4. Farming allowed civilization to flourish, but it came with costs, which we are still paying today. Question now is, do we try to recreate as feasibly as possible our ancient hunter-gatherer environment, or do we wait out the limitless suffering of the maladaptive losers until evolution has finished its culling for those who can withstand the peculiar stresses of modernity?

5. A ruling class leftoid says the freedoms enshrined in the American Constitution must be changed to help protect American freedoms. Orwell wept. Then laughed. Then spun in his grave. Remember when liberals used to be champions of American rights? Not anymore, now that the globalist leftoid prime directive is soft genocide against the white majority.

6. “[A] common border between two countries actually reduces the communication density between them, perhaps because of increased tensions.” Evidence for the CH maxim that diversity + proximity = war. Bryan Caplan’s bubble hardened.

7. The zipless fuck has become the new norm. First they scoffed. Then they sputtered. Then they knelt before the Lord of the Chateau, and sucked his cock in tribute. It should be no surprise to anyone reading here that mothers of boys are the realist of female realtalkers.

8. Krauser (a fellow traveler in the appreciation and love of women) has had some good posts lately. Here’s one on setting the frame in Skype. Here’s an interview with Daygame.com about “long game” and international pick-up. And finally, here’s an interesting post about what your video gaming habits say about your SMV rank. (Before you ask, yes, alpha males do occasionally play video games. There are some downtime enjoyments that are so essentially male they are an irresistible draw to men. Like the draw of banging farm fresh poosy. Or shooting cans off tree stumps.)


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