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Jack provides a laundry list of common hamster rationalizations, peculiar to both sexes.

The lower your SMV, the “pickier” you become.

“game only works on sluts” – beta male
“black guys are hot” – fat chick
“There are no good men” – fat black woman
“eat a sandwich!” – friend zoned beta orbiter commenting on his attractive, skinny female friend’s facebook photo
“only (beta)younger men can keep up with me!” – cougar
“I’m sick of dating assholes” – girl starting to lose her looks
“I’m having fun and don’t want to settle down” – girl fucking guys who won’t commit to her
“I like girls with really big asses” – low status black guy who fucks porkpies
“the girls in this club are ugly bitches” – your friend who keeps getting rejected at said club
“I don’t date guys who can’t handle a girl’s past because they are insecure” – slut
“girls are all just after money” – beta male with poor career prospects
“guys just never grow up” – girl who can’t secure commitment
“my career is important to me and I need a man who isn’t intimidated by that” – girl who doesn’t have the goods to marry rich
“football player jock guys are rapists!” – girl who the jocks wouldn’t touch in high school
“all girls are dirty dirty whores, one can never be more faithful than another” – guy who has no skill to maintain an LTR
“her kids are great!” – OMEGA male


“Her kids are great!”

I would say, in order of how egregiously subgroups and subgenres of losers lie to themselves and anyone who will listen, (i.e., how overmuscled their hamsters are), the ranking, from best worst to least worst, would go like this:

fat women (can they *not* tell a lie about their romantic prospects without feeling suicidal? doubt it)
aging beauties (ditto)
single moms (doubleplusditto)
lesser beta males
average women
omega males
hot babes
alpha men

You’ll notice a trend. Women on the whole are more deluded than men. Lower value individuals of each sex are more self-deluding than higher value individuals. Omega males are still less deluded than the average woman, (men have to be more cognizant of the workings of reality because, unlike women, men can’t coast on their sexuality). Alpha men are the least self-deluding.

You are wondering what kind of rationalization hamster spins in an alpha male’s head. He’s a small rodent, but he’s in there, tucked away for special occasions. One example of an alpha male hamsterization would be: “I was the one who deserved that promotion.” Another example: “How did *he* get *her*?!” Most of the time, though, alpha males get the promotions, and the hot girls as well, and no one really argues they didn’t deserve their winnings in life.

Why is the lesser beta’s hamster bigger, faster, fluffier than the omega male’s hamster? There’s a psychological condition that causes a person to increase the voltage of his delusions the closer he is to plucking the fruit of success from the vine. This condition mostly afflicts men, because it’s men who mostly benefit from it. The lesser beta is riiight at the cusp of having something truly wonderful (relatively) in his life instead of the dregs which are so dishearteningly the usual bulk of his pickings. So it makes sense for him to assume a mantel of overconfidence to help push him across when the finish line is in sight. The omega male is nowhere near the finish line, so he accepts his sad lot in life without much fuss or mental energy devoted to convincing himself otherwise.


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