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CPAC In A Nutshell

Ever have a girl try to copy a porn move on you that she once saw, except it was one of those disgusting porn moves, like spitting for lube or gag drooling during a blowjob, that no normal man really likes?

Yeah, that’s what comes to mind reading about CPAC speakers and attendees dancing to the leftoids’ big tent tune.

Look, fudgePACers, you can yap all day about dropping social issues and appealing to Hispanics’ “natural conservatism”, but the unavoidable fact is that you either stood by or abetted the traitors as the doors to the country were swung wide open to permanent demographic replacement. No matter how far you bend over, you will never outcompete the leftoids on the appeal of their leftoid message to two giant underclasses and one giant hypocritical status whoring gated community class. So you may as well begin the process of carving out a new party and starting from scratch.

PS A slow and steady blowjob, lots of soft lip but with no phony gonzo drooling, is really sexy.


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