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Comment Of The Week

Commenter Revo Luzione suggests a reason why the exclamation snort is not attractive when women use it:

Kate: “Many a text exchange has reached a dead end when I reply with “snort.””

That’s because elephants, rhinos, and angry Holsteins all snort before charging.


This gets to a larger point: the snark and snideness and gleeful antagonism that works for men to attract women does not sit as well on women when they use it to try and attract men. This is because male aloofness and other male value-raising ploys — of which the Theory of Snort is a part — are designed to appeal to women’s natural hypergamous urge for higher status (read: condescending) men than themselves. In contrast, men are not attracted to women’s social status, and in fact may be put off by women with higher social or economic status than themselves. Men’s hypergamy, such as it is, seeks ever more beautiful and feminine women. And there is nothing about leaving an impression of an angry Holstein that makes women seem more beautiful or feminine.


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