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Stop Amnesty Now

It looks like a bipartisan (read: bi-part the American public’s buttcheeks and ram it home hard) effort by legislators is about to lead to total amnesty for tens of millions of illegal infiltrators (as Israel’s government classifies similar migrants crossing their borders), in exchange for promises — promises! — of stricter border control in the distant future.

Do you ever get the feeling that we live in two Americas? America One, the status whoring playground and experimental lab of the ruling class. America Two, the masses of common sensical, decent people serving as guinea pigs for America One’s pleasure.

So Democrats want new voters and a lock on elections for the next fifty generations. Republicans want cheap chalupas and kickbacks to their corporate sponsors. And the public wants a solvent, livable country again, filled with like-minded people they can trust and count on to be there when the old age SHTF.

Guess who always gets what they want?

Take a stand. Notify your congressional representative, aka Filthy Fuck, of your displeasure with their august body’s program of de facto genocide against the founding and maintaining stock of the once-great American nation.

Not that this will do any good, because the ruling class has no interest in listening to the rabble; in fact, they seem to be of a mind lately to sneer at the rabble and to take joy in sticking it to them good and hard. But at least they’ll be put on notice.

What notice, you ask? Why, the notice of revolution. The notice of secession. The notice that their time, however gaudily invincible it appears right now, will come to an end, and if they were on the wrong side of this simmering intra-white status war they can expect retribution; swift, remorseless, unforgiving, and as gleefully and cruelly administered as the punishment they currently lord over their putative compatriots.


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