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Spot The Fatty

Courtesy of a contribution from GLPiggy’s comment section, here’s a photo of an office Christmas party circa 1925. Can you spot the fatties in this picture?

she's in there, squeezed between all the thin women

You’ve gotta strain a bit to find her (second row, seated, in front of tree), because she’s squeezed between a roomful of thin women (and thin men for that matter).

That’s right folks, there is exactly ONE bona fide fatty in this office party from 1925. One.

Now let’s look at the typical American office party circa 2012.


Where is everybody? The dark side of the fat chick’s moon?

Most of the women in the 1925 pic are dogs (except that cute one sitting next to the desk in the striped blouse and flirty smile), but at least they’re thin. Can the same be said for the modern American office party? Not if the overweight and obese percentages are any indication. You’re more likely, based on the numbers, to have to navigate around 70% of your female co-workers to get to the 30% who aren’t biodiesel dirigibles.

And people wonder why the (white) fertility rate is dropping like a stone. Would you want to have regular sex with a shambling mound? Stick around to help her raise the fat brat? Didn’t think so.

In the spirit of the holiday season, her’e some dietary advice from the NIH:

fatty is as fatty does


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