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Possessing a “dark triad” personality is good for attracting women. It’s also good for getting what you want out of life in realms beyond those of acquiring pussy. Reader moses passes along:

The Dark Triad ain’t just for seducers. It works in real life too.

From the WSJ book review on “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” by Kevin Dutton:

“Mr. Dutton, with his tongue not entirely in his cheek, develops a skill set he calls the Seven Deadly Wins, “seven core principles of psychopathy that, apportioned judiciously and applied with due care and attention, can help us get exactly what we want; can help us respond, rather than react, to the challenges of modern-day living; can transform our outlook from victim to victor, but without turning us into a villain.” His seven are: ruthlessness, charm, focus, mental toughness, fearlessness, mindfulness and action.”

This is absolutely correct. In my business career I’ve seen people with these traits win again and again, often by screwing others over.

I’ve employed a few of these traits myself to great effect.


Demand a pay raise. Don’t wait for it.

Escalate to a fuck close. Don’t wait for it.


Avoid defensiveness in favor of amused dominance. You will win more allies by directing their emotions toward deference instead of away from deference.

Avoid argumentativeness in favor of playful teasing. You will win more women by directing their emotions toward pleasure instead of away from pleasure.


Don’t get distracted from your career goals. Avoid dead weight who would hold you back.

Don’t get distracted from your sex goals. Avoid cockteasers who would LJBF you.

Mental Toughness

Never let a critical boss, coworker or client fill you with self-doubt.

Never let a woman’s caprice or shit testing shake your frame.


You will pursue those things which you want despite the risk of failure.

You will approach women despite the risk of rejection.


You will work to neutralize threats from competitors, through force or guile.

You will work to improve your social savviness, and avoid incongruence in the pursuit of women.


Contemplation is for closers.

Fantasizing is for fuckers.

There is but one thing in this world which feels better than a brain shattering orgasm released into the warm wet vagina of a pretty girl, and that is the rush of power that flows like the Orinoco through a man’s arteries when he commands his environment and those who dwell within it.

Heartiste, what is good in life?

To crush beautiful pussy, see them love you for your power, and to hear the lamentation of their LJBFed beta suckups.

The Dark Triad is the clarion call that has replaced outmoded concepts of honor, virtue, chivalry and self-sacrifice as the organizing principle which motivates and galvanizes the post-society American man. It is the ultimate expression of untrammeled individualism. A society crumbling into atomizing modernism is both symptomatic of growing psychopathy in the population and causal of more people turning toward the psychopathic dark side. When truth is exiled, the allure of cold-blooded self-concern is evident.


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