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Famed commenter gig (a Chateau VIP) passes along this story from a friend:

Fun story, not mine, from a friend.

He was in first or second year in college, and dating a girl still in high school. He’d started working, unlike her. So he had much more money than her. And he gave her a very nice gift for Christmas, in her view. But the girl got embarassed because she couldn’t match his gift. And they started talking about how could she “repay” him.

Well, after some talk, he came to the answer. Everything would be settled, and she would have no reason to be embarrassed, if she gave him her ass for his birthday, several months ahead. He argued that her ass was something very special for him that it would cement a very strong bond between them and make their relationship much deeper. If you know what I mean….

So he spent the next months “dreaming” about the day. And the day came. But the girl said that she couldn’t do it, it would hurt her, she was not of that type, she couldn’t do it. He decided to break up with her because of that.

fast forward a couple years. They meet again. He asks her to come to his new apartment. He didn’t ask anything, just went for the kill. And he got her ass. I did try to find some moral teaching here, but I have failed so far….

Moral of the story: You don’t barter for a woman’s sex; you occupy it.

That’s what women secretly want you to do, but they don’t like having to spell it out for you. Unfortunately, most betas are socially dyslexic and need it spelled out, which of course ruins the romance.


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