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The subject of this post is the new plaintive wail you lately hear spilling from the schoolmarmish pursed lips of liberals and status quo-ers who are suddenly becoming very uncomfortable with the torrent of discomfiting truths penetrating the airwaves, and especially with the truthbomb throwers like the proprietors of this blog who actually sport a working sack and don’t give a flying fuck what offense the perpetually fake phony fraudulent grievance constituency takes when their cocktail party discourse is crashed by mischievous pricks.

“What is the point of telling ugly truths? Don’t you know it will hurt people? What good can come from it?”

The value of truth is self-evident. The pursuit of it needs no explanation. The fact that a growing chorus of institutional(ized) ruling elite is starting to think that some truths are best left locked in an attic chest bodes ill for the future of freedom of speech in America. I predict within ten years legislatures and courts across this land will impose restrictions on the First Amendment. And the Founding Fathers, having already rolled a million times in their graves, will roll one last time, and the earth will swallow whole the America we once knew, but which will be no more.

You think I’m joking, or that I’m posing in martyr garb. Ok, think that. Then get back to me in ten years, and we’ll see if you still have the confidence of your snarky smirk.

But I am in a magnanimous mood. Some ask the question from genuine motives. They sincerely don’t, or can’t, see the value in exposing pretty lies and ugly truths. And they want to know, “Where’s the Benefit?” One such topic of discussion which often elicits this bristled reaction is honest discussion about average human population groups differences (along numerous metrics). I understand the urge to silence, or cavalierly dismiss, open discussion of this topic. The human ego is the most powerful force in the universe, more powerful even than the female tingle. We are constructed of origin material that impels us to wrap our senses of self-worth in the neuronal equivalent of three foot steel-reinforced concrete bunkers, and to associate, no matter how unjustifiably, attacks against our tribe as judgments on ourselves.

I get it.

And… you know what? I don’t care.

Not anymore.

Not when the opposite of the truth — the filthy, acrid lies we here have been choking on for fifty years or more in this country — has been, and continues to be, used as a cudgel to bludgeon the skulls of the favored whipping boys and to take a huge steaming dump on reality.

It is an affront to my lying eyes. It is Orwellian in philosophy and practice. It is a humiliation, a personal slap in the face, to parade this stinking carcass of bullshit in front of me as if it is the Word of God and I should swallow it whole, for my own good you see.

I say fuck you to all of that. And I dream of the day when the rope will be knotted and the lampposts freshly lacquered for the vengeance upon my enemies, my betrayers, that is so sweet. So sweet.

Ahem.. oh yeah where was I… just had a caffeine moment… phew.

Anyhow, some persons of what I judge to have good hearts, ask if any good can come from discussing AICH BEE DEE. They ask what, if anything, would change if the ugliest truths were accepted by the ruling class? What is the practical benefit of hurting some people’s feelings? The reader Thursday emailed what I think is a very good reply to this question, and so I reprint it here:

Some practical applications of HBD:

1. Immigration restriction.  You need a certain number of high IQ people to keep a First World society going.
2. An end to affirmative action.  Minority underperformance is not due to racism, so affirmative action is grossly unfair.
3. Discouraging dysgenics, i.e. not subsidizing single motherhood through welfare, regardless of disparate impact on minorities.  See #1.
4. Shutting down movements to let minority prisoners out into society.  (I’m open to other equally effective methods of controlling crime, but they should be applied to all, not just minorities.)
5. An end to blaming white racism for all the problems of the world.
5a. This may seem like mostly a minor annoyance.  But really intellectual hygeine is reason enough to get rid of it. Forcing people to believe lies is generally corrupting.
5b. It prevents people from thinking seriously about solving the problems among low IQ groups.  You can’t solve a problem unless you think clearly about its cause.

You could make a case for some of these things without recourse to HBD, but we all know how effective that has been. For example, you can’t just talk about IQ without talking about HBD.  The disparities between high and low IQ racial groups just are there and are used to discredit the idea of IQ in general.  These days you really have to quote chapter and verse with hard data to show you aren’t racist.

As for inferior, well that is a judgment call.  In some important ways, blacks may be superior to whites and not just in regards to sports and celebrity.  T. is Haitian and I’d note that Haitian art is just way better than anything done in America in the past 50 years or so.

Whites have created liberal modernity and it is not without its significant downsides, spiritual, artistic and even intellectual.

Of course, blacks and many of these other groups don’t seem very good at creating and maintaining a crime free, high tech society.  Though I’d note that high levels of black crime and social dysfunction are at least partially a response to living in certain societies.  I’ve visited St. Lucia, which is a very black place, and, up until the recent influx of tourodollars, it had been mostly crime free and is still relatively so.  Blacks in the South up until the 1960s were relatively peaceful and well ordered too. But modernity + blacks seems to equal lots of crime and social dysfunction.

This is just a taste of the good — GOOD — social benefits that would come from listening to the truth instead of running from it or trying to shut it down. IQ is but one measure of a man’s character, and but one ingredient contributing to a culture’s prideful sense of self and trust in fellow-man. The truth covers much more extensive territory than just the particulars of abstract thinking ability. Any lie-pusher who attempts to reduce the debate to a disingenuous IQ war is engaging in deliberate obfuscation of the myriad other truths which pulse through the veins and capillaries of the human panoply of difference.

The consequences of lies matter. They matter more than most are willing to admit.


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