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Chicks Dig Serial Killers

What do you get when you put a creepy sexual sadist serial killer in the same room with a lot of young women?


Robert Ben Rhoades, the notorious Truck Stop Killer, also killed it with the ladies.

Debra Davis and Rhoades met in the early ’80s at a Houston bar called Chipkikkers. Rhoades was dressed that night as an airline pilot, and it was months before Davis found out he wasn’t one. The remarkable thing is that when she did, she didn’t dump him. But Rhoades was cunning and highly charismatic. When the FBI extradited him to Illinois, he was able to get a phone number off a waitress while shackled hand and foot and wearing an orange prison suit. This obviously doesn’t recommend the waitress’s judgment, but at least some of the credit has to go to Rhoades.

“There was just something about him. I can’t explain it.”

Beta males the world over woo women with flowers and flattery and get put on ice as a reward. A charismatic psychopath scores digits while decked out in prison chic and chained hand and foot.

Ah, women. Lift the veil of their sweetness a little too far, and…


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