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File under: Meta game. A possible growing trend of women calling out men for using game, or for thinking about using game, may be infiltrating mating nooks and crannies. Days of Broken Arrows sounds the alarm:

I was window shopping and came across an OKCupid profile where a woman said, at the end, something like “And don’t try that Neil Strauss shit on me. It won’t work.”

She’s in the 8-9 category, so I thought this might merit an email to you. What do you do when a woman is onto game. I’ll send you info if you’re interested.

The war between the sexes never ends, it just evolves new weaponry. If more men employ the advantages of game, more women will find new shit tests to filter out the players from the poseurs. There will never be a time in human history when girls will offer the average man access to their pussies without at least putting up a figurative fight.

A simple, and effective, response to a girl with defense shields at maximum power against players using game is this: agree and amplify. For example:

Woman who was burned by players in the past: “And don’t try that Neil Strauss shit on me. It won’t work.”

Despicable You: “Too late. It’s working right now. Aaaaaand….. you’re hypnotized.”


“So negs are out, then? Good. I like to cut to the chase. How about we just drunkenly bump and grind.”


“Hold on, I think this is the part where I’m supposed to neg you.”


“Phew, that’s a relief. I was hoping you were the kind of girl who’d rather take long walks on the beach and let guys buy her flowers and shit.”


“Listen, this stuff came with a money-back guarantee. Don’t make me waste it on a nice girl.”

Or, more edgily for the truly stuck-up, asshole-loving cunts:

“It worked on your mom. I figure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Basically, you’re reframing what could be a negative (“You’re a creep using mind tricks. Now apologize for it.”) to a positive (“Ha, ha, this guy is in on it. He gets it. Very smooth. And why am I so horny all of a sudden?”).

There are other ways to handle getting called out for using game (or getting shit tested for thinking about using game), but agree and amplify is probably the easiest countermeasure to recall instantly under social pressure, and to formulate cleverly with minimal mental effort. Other commenters have offered similar advice. YaReally suggests:

lol E-Mail her “hey, I can only stay for a minute and then I have to get back to my friends, but I need a female opinion: who do you think lies more, men or women?

Did it work? Are you dying to jump my bones? Wait, let me try page 38, there’s a really good one about how I’m supposed to make fun of your hair…”

Send it and let us know if she responds. I figure if she reads it she’ll have to respond because it’s purposely poking her buttons. I would just make fun of the whole thing if she responds and lead it into stuff like “well shit, I guess I’ll just have to try having a normal conversation with you and do that whole “get to know you and actually take an interest in you” thing…god, dating is so much work these days! I’m pretty sure the pickup book would tell me to just invite you to my sex dungeon, but how about we try a cup of coffee sometime instead lol”

And then do her in the bum.

If she’s a feminist, she deserves nothing less than unlubed bum stuffing.

There is a good chance, unfortunately, that a girl who is obnoxiously anti-game is a raging ideological feminist. If you really want to bone her because she happens to be the rare attractive feminist, don’t be dissuaded by her faux outrage. Most feminists secretly wish for a strong man to confidently charm and dominate them into mewing submission. Since feminists are surrounded on an hourly basis by manboobed, asskissing sycophants who dream their crotch thimbles will someday receive a pity tug from one of them, your unapologetic, reckless alphaness will be a breath of fresh air reinvigorating their forlorn furrows.


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