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The Alpha Male Look

Sometimes it’s better to show a picture of a man executing a perfect alpha male pose, than to describe the mechanical particulars in arid detail.

If you can adopt this posture in your dealings with women, you will alter their perception of you in the direction of presuming your sexy alphaness.

Already I can hear the lamentations of the baters (beta haters). “But Prince Harry is a PRINCE! Of course girls will fall for royalty. Duh!”

You obstinate feebs. You miss the point. Harry’s elegant alpha pose — so sure of himself, so intriguingly aloof to the babe on his arm — is the physical manifestation of his self-conception. Naturally, his self-confidence is, in part, a function of his birth status. But it is not the paper upon which proclaims his birthright that women love. It is the man. And the man is the sum of his movements, his gaze, his posture, his words, his character, his ATTITUDE.

Harry’s station infuses his attitude and body language, but by adopting for yourself his mannerisms you can elicit similar rapid heartbeats in women. You won’t elicit the kind of mass pussy wettage that a prince will, but you will see, in your local milieu — your own private prydaho — a noticeable change in the women around you. Their eyes will blaze a little brighter than usual. Their legs will cross and uncross a little more frequently. Their love will burn a little hotter.

Alpha male body language won’t turn you into a prince, but it will make you sexier at the margins. And in the shark-infested waters of the zero sum sexual market, a marginal advantage can mean the difference between sullen loneliness and exuberant romance.


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