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Continuing our series about identifying the most responsive (or most accessible) game for your body type, today’s post will focus on the mesomorph.

For readers late to the discussion, the purpose of this series of posts isn’t to suggest that if your frame is built a certain way, you must run a certain kind of game, or you will fail miserably with women. The purpose is to point out that, if constitutional psychology is valid and somatotype is associated with personality, certain game techniques and strategies will be easier for you to learn and master than other game techniques. You will naturally excel at applying some game concepts, and naturally struggle applying other game concepts. While the founding principles of game are universal (because female sexual nature is universal), the details of game will vary in accordance with the context within which you find yourself, which can include elements such as race, culture, foreignness, obesity, sex ratio and your own inborn temperament.

Ultimately, this information is meant to be a useful adjunct to well-known game principles. If you know beforehand your innate personality strengths and weaknesses, you can take preemptive steps to shore up problem areas.

The mesomorph is one extreme of Sheldon’s three somatotypes, the two others being endomorph and ectomorph. Mesomorphs tend toward the ideal male physique, and prefer action and risk-taking over thinking and calculation.

The Extreme [Mesomorph] — Action

In endotonia the stomach was the focus of attention, but in mesotonia it is the muscles. The mesotonic is well-endowed with them, or to put it another way, the mesotonic’s muscles seem to have a mind of their own. They are always ready for action, and good posture is natural to them. They get up with plenty of energy and seem tireless. They can work for long periods of time and both need and like to exercise. They like to be out doing things. If they are forced into inactivity they become restless and dejected.

The mesotonic has no hesitation in approaching people and making known his wants and desires. The tendency to think with his muscles and find exhilaration in their use leads him to enjoy taking chances and risks, even when the actual gain is well-known to be minimal. They can become fond of gambling and fast driving and are generally physically fearless. They can be either difficult and argumentative, or slow to anger, but always with the capacity to act out physically and usually with some sort of history of having done so on special occasions.

This physical drive manifests itself on the psychological level in a sense of competition. The mesotonic wants to win and pushes himself forward. He is unhesitant about the all-out pursuit of the goal he seeks. Associated with this trait is a certain psychological callousness.

This outward energetic flow makes mesotonics generally noisy. They bustle about doing things and since their inhibitions are low, the attendant noise does not bother them. Their voices carry and sometimes boom out as if speech were another form of exercise. When alcohol reduces their inhibitions, they become more assertive and aggressive. When trouble strikes they revert to their most fundamental form of behavior and seek action of some sort. Mesotonics tend to glorify that period of youthful activities where physical powers reach their peak, or perhaps more accurately the period of youth that best symbolizes a sense of endless vitality and activity. This glorification of youth goes hand-in-hand with the early maturing of the mesotonic organism, both facially and muscularly. They look older than their chronological age. The extraversion of action that is so strong here goes together with a lack of awareness of what is happening on the subjective level. The quickness with which the mesotonic can make decisions is compensated for by a relative unawareness of the other parts of his personality.

The mesomorph is your classic aloof, asshole alpha male. He’s not trying to be an inconsiderate jerk (well, not always), he just is. Many naturals are mesomorphs, though they may not fit the ideal male body type. (For instance, the best natural I knew was a fairly short mesomorph.) The mesomorph has an innate temperament and psychology that is suited to approach-heavy pickup, and so he will have the shallowest learning curve if he is new to game. On paper, he seems like an unstoppable PUA machine, but in fact his type comes with many flaws, so don’t try to convince yourself that game is useless for you if you don’t have a mesomorphic physique.

First, as should be obvious, the muscular, broad-shouldered, mesomorph body is the most widely appealing to women. Given a roomful of one hundred women, the mesomorph will capture more approach invitations (come-hither eye play) than either the endomorph or ectomorph. But this appeal is shallow. A significant minority of women prefer leaner men than the typical mesomorph, and a smaller minority prefer “huggable bear” endomorphs. Furthermore, women’s initial attraction to men based on physical appeal is not nearly as unshakably hardened as men’s initial attraction to women with sexy figures and pretty faces. A woman will instantly lose her attraction for a mesomorph if he opens his mouth and lameness tumbles out. And women don’t feel near the same urgent, wall-climbing horniness for physically impressive men that men feel for physically impressive women.

Nevertheless, the relative ease with which mesomorphs get approach invitations means that, coupled with their natural extroversion and action jackson mentality, they will have the easiest route to meeting women and inducing an initial attraction, however potentially short-lived. This is an advantage that gradually accrues to a mesomorph’s store of self-confidence, resulting in a feedback loop that makes the meso more confident than his already elevated inborn confidence. Since overconfidence is the Moloko Plus of pickup, the mesomorph goes into each set with his guns blazing.

Because the mesomorph is a man of (occasionally thoughtless) action, direct game will be his bread and butter. He will feel most at ease, and most energized, running direct game rather than indirect game that involves a lot of push-pull, palm reading, or meandering chit chat. Mesomorphs will therefore excel at speed seduction — moving a seduction quickly to its sexual denouement — and they will be adept at venue bouncing, kino, escalation, deal closing, and out-AMOGing competition.

But the meso’s greatest strength is also his most vulnerable weakness. Mesomorphs’ love for action and escalation means that they are often bad at calibrating women’s receptiveness. The classic meso is the gung-ho military man who misreads a woman’s interest and bungles the pickup by being too aggressive and obstinate. The meso predilection to act first, think later, tends to make them impatient with women and their particular emotional needs, leaving the door open for a sly ecto or endo to swoop in and rescue the girl from “the meathead”.

The game stages where mesomorphs shine, then, would be the attraction stage and, to a lesser degree, the seduction stage. Their infectious physical confidence, “psychological callousness”, and bravado lure women, and their selfishness and strong will help seal the deal in the bedroom. But in between, mesomorphs risk losing it all. The meso is weakest during the comfort stage of a pickup. This is not the type of man who likes to sit on a couch in a dimly lit lounge, gabbing for hours with a girl about her hopes and dreams, running sequences of qualifications and disqualifications and playing games with his cellphone to increase the perception of his preselection by other women.

A mesomorph has to train himself to be better at reading women’s signals, and to be more refined at the art of manipulative pullbacks. He’s got the body language and the physical escalation nailed down; now he needs to work on his empathy and developing an attitude of scarcity to complement his transparent, take-charge approach mentality.

Mesomorphs in relationships need to be careful about letting their jealously control them, rather than controlling their jealousy to be released in manageable doses that maximally arouse their women. “Bemused mastery” is not an attitude that comes easily to action-oriented, quick-to-anger mesomorphs, and neither is self-possessed state control in the face of female drama. Many women, in fact, find it rather easy to manipulate mesomorphic men to do their bidding, which often leads to boredom for those women.

Mesomoprhs’ low empathy and high self-aggrandizement impulse makes them natural neggers (whoa!) and teasers, and women will eat that up. But the meso has to be aware of the moment when it is time to switch from aloof teasing to intimate rapport, and this means a practiced ability to tame his need for action and results. A mesomorph who can effortlessly segue to showing a soft side is one of the most fearsome seducers known to exist.

Mesomorphs must avoid, at all costs, their tendency to grabass. Every guy I’ve witnessed grinding on some fat bootied slut in a club has been a mesomorph. And rarely do I see these undomesticated mesos going home with their tormentors, unless she’s really ugly and desperate for a jackhammering.

You’d think that a mesomorph would do best in clubs and bars, where the noisy atmosphere and revved-up girls feed his already high energy level. But, ironically, mesos can do very well in, for instance, coffee shops, because there are so few action-oriented, bold men in those environments that the meso will shine in comparison. I rarely — and I mean like one out of one hundred visits — see a man cold approach or cold open a woman in a coffee shop (present company excluded). Most men are pussies. Curled-up, fetal, manboobed, hipster doofuses who can’t bring themselves to do more than flutter their eyelashes at girls they like the look of. The mesomorph with ambition in his heart and results on his mind will not think twice about swooping some babe pretending to type something vitally important to the continuance of civilization on her Macbook Air.

And it is this “living in the moment” — perhaps the gretest natural pickup advantage the mesomorph possesses — which is beloved by women. The underthinking meso never second guesses, never doubts himself and never suffers paralysis by analysis. He’s a doer. He can pass shit tests with ease because his head is locked into the action occurring in front of him. But he has to beware the pitfall of blowing himself out. That same proclivity to spontaneous action can lead him to misgauge women’s interest and overlook emotionally connecting with women. The mesomorph is the worst listener of the three male body archetypes, and it’s no coincidence that many of them are left at the end of the night shaking their heads about the “girl that got away”.


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