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We’re all familiar with the three major body types: ectomorph (skinny), endomorph (fat) and mesomorph (muscular). And many of us have noticed that these three body types tend to correspond with certain mental and emotional characteristics. William Sheldon was the first to research and categorize an association between body type and personality type, or temperament. He called it the theory of constitutional psychology. (Even bodybuilders have dietary regimes geared to your particular body type.)

Sheldon’s theory has been accused of pseudoscience by an assortment of social scientists and psychologists, the great majority of them leftists, who don’t like the implications in his work. I don’t want to get into a cage fight over the validity of his body type theory; for now, let’s just say the science is unsettled. However, I do want to acknowledge that I, and apparently lots of others, can’t help but observe in real life daily confirmation of Sheldon’s theory. There’s something there, odd as it may seem that one’s physique and mental attributes would interact in predictable ways, and one day we’ll get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime, we will assume that constitutional psychology has some merit based on anecdota. This post is about tailoring your game to your body type, which reflects your innate personality type. Here’s a primer if you want to know where you fall on Sheldon’s somatotype diagram, and what that says about your personality:

The diagram should be self-explanatory. Note that the figures represented are extremes for that body type; you may fall somewhere in between two extremes, or have traits from all three types. In keeping with nature’s design to use men as evolutionary guinea pigs, men tend to be found at the extremes more often than are women.

Linked with each body type is your corresponding temperament. Briefly:

Endotonia is seen in the love of relaxation, comfort, food and people.

Mesotonia is centered on assertiveness and a love of action.

Ectotonia focuses on privacy, restraint and a highly developed self-awareness.

I’ll get into more detail of the temperaments in a continuing series to be published this week, but for now, know that the game you use to pick up women will likely be interdependent with your body type and associated temperament. That is, you’ll find certain game tactics and strategies more or less favorable depending on your personality type. For instance, if you are using game that is best suited for an outgoing, physical mesomorph, but you are an introverted, brainy ectomorph, you will experience more difficulty achieving success. You want to identify your inborn strengths and tailor your game to them, while adjusting your game to account for inborn weaknesses. As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” You’ve got to know your limitations so that they don’t unexpectedly sabotage you in the middle of a pickup attempt.

The Extreme [Endomorph] — Friendliness

The endotonic shows a splendid ability to eat, digest and socialize. […] Endotonics are relaxed and slow-moving. Their breathing comes from the abdomen and is deep and regular. Their speech is unhurried and their limbs often limp. They like sitting in a well-upholstered chair and relaxing. All their reactions are slow, and this is a reflection on a temperament level of a basal metabolism, pulse, breathing rate and temperature which are all often slower and lower than average. The circulation in their hands and feet tends to be poor. Sheldon calls these people biologically introverted organisms. It is as if all the energy is focused on the abdominal area, leaving less free to be expressed in the limbs and face, and giving the impression of a lack of intensity.

Sheldon felt that biological introversion gave rise to psychological extraversion. Since the bodies of the endotonics are so focused on the central digestive system, they need and crave social stimulation in order to feel complete on the social level. Groups of people, rather than fatiguing them, stimulate them to the proper level of social interaction. The assimilative powers that on the physical level were oriented to food, now on the social level draw them to people.

They have a strong desire to be liked and approved of, and this often leads them to be very conventional in their choices in order not to run the risk of social disapproval. The endotonics are open and even with their emotions which seem to flow out of them without any inhibitions. Whether they are happy or sad, they want the people around them to know about it, and if others express emotion they react directly and convincingly in sympathy. When an endotonic has been drinking he becomes even more jovial and radiates an expansive love of people. Endotonics are family-oriented and love babies and young children and have highly developed maternal instincts.

In summary, they love assimilation both on the physical and social level.

Endomorphs are your archetypical “class clown” socializers. This is their strength, and their game should emphasize this aspect of their personalities. An endomorph will not feel anxiety about working a mixed set. He longs for social interaction. Openers and small talk will come second nature to him. Disarming cockblocks will be easy for him because he has a facility with assimilating into groups and making everyone feel good. He is expert at smoothing hurt feelings and generally making girls feel happier in his presence.

For these reasons, endomorphs make the best wingmen. They are loyal to a fault, and skilled in the art of getting your lackadaisical ass into conversations with women. An endomorph is best paired with an ectomorph; each one’s strength cancels out the other’s weakness.

Tyler Durden, especially back when he was a fatter aspiring PUA, is an example of the socially eager, uninhibited, emotive endomorph. TD practically invented “gay game”. Endomorphs are especially gifted in “hot-cold-hot-cold”, “push-pull” and “high-low” roller coaster game, which involves a lot of puppeteering of women’s emotions. Endomorphs are comfort stage kings, where their natural sympathy and relaxed demeanor shines.

Endomorphs are not, on the whole, manipulative (they tend to sincerity in everything they do), so a lot of the emotional see-sawing that they engage in is coincidental to their free-for-all, open-minded attitude toward socializing. If they can channel their natural expressiveness so that it is more calculated and less indulgent, they can kill at seduction.

Endomorphs are also strong in the perceived aloofness department, (different than actual aloofness), owing to their disposition to avoid flamboyant gesticulation and facial expressions. An endomorph who is verbally engaged, but bodily disengaged, is sending just the right sort of mixed signals that women love and crave.

Where endomorphs are weak is in their neediness for approval and in their aptness to slip into “entertainment monkey” game. An endomorph has to be careful about being boxed into LJBF hell by girls who have desexualized his overt friendliness. My advice to an endomorph would be to shore up his weaknesses by focusing on adding edge to his joviality: say, by negging and teasing girls more than he’s comfortable doing. I would also tell him to watch for moments when he’s seeking approval. Endomorphs have to really train themselves to adopt a mentality of outcome independence and self-sustaining inner confidence. They also need to curb their habit to profusely compliment women. This will be hard for them, because endomorphs thrive on praise received and praise given. They are generous of heart, and this generosity, rewarded in fantasyland, works against them in the real world mating arena where good-looking women mercilessly cull the niceguys from the selfish jerks.

Endomorph game should play to his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. That means capitalizing on his ability to incite emotion in girls, and on his affability among people in larger groups. An endomorph can lock a girl in hard by focusing on connecting with her — his listening and sympathy skills are world class — but to get there, he first has to attract them on a deeper, animal level, and this will require channeling his sociability into a more seductive frame. He will be very good at sparking girls’ imaginations because his psychological locus is Epicurean in nature. Detailed and thrilling descriptions of food, adventure, fashion and vacations are his forté, and girls will glom onto that because the female mind is attuned to detail and pleasures of the flesh. An endomorph can also use his naturally slow-moving countenance to great effect: a fatter man can be seductive with the right body language, and slower is almost always superior to quicker, so the endomorph has a built-in advantage here.

Endomorphs are natural disqualifiers, even if they don’t know it. An endomorph has a refined taste in life’s pleasures, and he can use this taste to judge women for their appreciation of the things that he values. Most endomorphs are all too happy to allow women to disagree with their own love of the finer things, but a honed ability to stop accommodating women’s shit tests and to call them out for their provincialism will work to the endomorph’s benefit.

Endomorphs should dress sharp. The sloppy, casual look that a mesomorph or ectomorph can pull off will make an endomorph look like a homeless bum; a homeless fat bum. Endos need to accentuate their bigness and their sumptuousness; that means no tight t-shirts and no wifebeaters. A custom-fitted suit that emphasizes the barrel chest of the endomorph is a good call, as is any style that draws attention away from the gut and toward the chest and shoulders. Some endos can rock the Tommy Bahama (the official sportswear of the fat man), but that is a personal call that depends a lot on chest and shoulder girth. The look you want to shoot for is “big man on campus who will dwarf his woman”. A lot of petite chicks like that physical dynamic. This is why you see so many tiny girls on the arms of powerlifters with huge round guts.

In summary, endomorph game should be adapted toward building value through social fearlessness, humor, deep rapport and savvy group set management. Endomorphs will rarely get AMOGed because they are so friendly and sincere (and lacking in threatening mesomorphic musculature) that they put other men at ease. Once endos are welcomed into a group, which usually happens quickly, they have to avoid the temptation to be a group plaything, and instead to focus on separating the target from her friends.

Endomorphs need to concentrate on teasing girls, sometimes harshly with decidedly non-friendly negs or DQ pushes, because their natural joviality (their “pull”) and neediness will cause girls to expect that behavior from them. And once girls can predict your behavior, the game is over. An endomorph has to remind himself to be serious at times, for his congenital joyfulness can ruin intensely seductive moments. Endomorphs should be proud that their god-given ability to make girls feel good about themselves is a critical skillset of seduction, but they can sometimes rely too much on this ability to win women’s attention, at the cost of getting dropped into the niceguy discount bin.

If you are an endomorph, your game goal should be: Mixed sets, more edge. Try using your natural skill at working a room to your advantage. Piquing a woman’s interest is easier when you’ve cut her short to go talk to another girl or another group of people.

Endomorphs must, most importantly, avoid the urge to get down on themselves for their fatness. Unless you are obese, a little bit of chunkiness is no big deal, AS LONG AS you carry it with confidence. (Note: does not apply to women.) If you are an extreme endomorph, consider weightlifting and dieting down to a reasonable size before hitting the field. But don’t use an extra 20 or 30 pounds as an excuse to be a shut-in. That way only leads to Jabbaness.

PS Endomorphs must avoid the neckbeard. Buy a goddamned razor and a mirror, you poofy popinjays! Your body type isendomorphmesomorphectomorphhybrid (ecto-endo, meso-endo, meso-ecto, all three)VoteView ResultsPolldaddy.com

Tomorrow: Mesomorph game.


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